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Top Apps for Learning Foreign Languages ​​

Mobile applications have turned learning languages ​​into interesting games. Learn foreign languages ​​with the help of your favorite TV shows and songs, chatting with native speakers, funny quests, memes, and pictures from horror cartoons. This will not take a lot of time – use the minutes that you stand in queues or spend on public transport. At this time, you can learn some new words or play a game on your mobile device. Most of the apps on this list are free so you may download them without any payments.


This app is a global celebrity, with millions of users worldwide using Duolingo to learn foreign languages. There are not many languages on this list, you can learn only four languages ​​here: English, Spanish, French, and German. The application will teach you how to read, speak and listen, offer interesting tasks, and reward points for correct answers. The creators claim that 34 hours of the Duolingo course is comparable to a whole semester of study at the university. The big advantage is that the app is free.


An indispensable assistant for those who need to replenish their vocabulary. The repertoire of the application includes more than 200 languages and ready-made lists of words and phrases. Memrise is based on a scientific approach and uses the spaced repetition method. The application will remind you of itself at the right time to prevent what you have learned from disappearing from memory. To facilitate the memorization of words, voice acting, videos and memes are used.


Most of us have tried this method at university: you take a card, write a word in a foreign language on one side, and a translation on the other. AnkiApp works on the same principle, only it also offers to evaluate how difficult it was for you to remember the translation. The application takes into account your answers and, depending on this, adjusts the period after which it will show you this word again. You can use ready-made sets of cards (there are more than 80,000,000 in total) or add them yourself. The application has several dozen languages ​​in its arsenal.


This application offers you to learn English from the lyrics of your favorite songs. The Genius database contains a large collection of lyrics with comments – more than one and a half million in total. We turn on the clip, read the text, sing along and learn – everything is simple. Difficult words and slang are explained in the comments. The same trick can be done with any song that plays on your phone (the app syncs with services like Spotify and Play Music).

Rosetta stone

One of the most popular and mature (first appeared in 1992) software products that will provide users with several useful and amazing hours of learning any of the three dozen languages ​​that this application has in stock. In order to remember words and grammar on an intuitive level, you have to go through exercises that combine text, image, and sound. The further the student advances, the more difficult the tasks will become. If you have a microphone, the program will compare your pronunciation with the correct one and give you a score. By the way, grades are saved and displayed throughout all practical classes.

The applications described above will help you not only learn a foreign language but also enjoy the process. And if you want to diversify your leisure time with vivid emotions, then we recommend that you visit the online casino platform using the National Casino login. Here you will find a huge variety of entertainment for every taste.

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