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Top Video Player App with Seeking Precision to the Millisecond – Precise Frame mpv Video Player

precise Frame mpv video player

We all love watching videos online, don’t we? Videos are the most popularly consumed form of content today. Recent statistic states that roughly 84% of earth’s population owns a smartphone, of which a whopping 67% prefer watching movies, entertainment shows, music, and videos through their mobile.

There are loads of video players available for android users. And features-wise, they are more or less the same. Picking an app that offers rare benefits and features that are not available in other apps would be a wise choice. Here’s an app that lives up to its promise.

Precise Frame mpv Video Player is a play store app developed by Precise Control and is available for free. The app enables you to seek videos precisely to the millisecond or frame by frame. Isn’t that cool?

On top of regular features like adjusting brightness, contrast & hue, pan and zoom video, touch gestures, applying video filters, and adding subtitles, there are rare ones too. It includes

The app supports most audio and video formats and is equipped with hardware acceleration for faster performance.

While most video apps don’t support live streaming, Precise Frame mpv Video player empowers you to stream and watch videos from the URL. The app also allows subtitle tracks to help you enjoy watching videos in sound-sensitive environments, including libraries, public transport, banks, or offices. You can add up to 2 subtitle tracks simultaneously, which can help you resonate better with the content. And for those videos where the audio or the subtitle is out of sync, you can adjust them too.

While watching specific videos, you love the cute facial expression of your favorite actor/actress that you seek, get back 10 seconds, and watch it again. Or with Precise Frame mpv Video Player, you can adjust seeking precision to 1 millisecond. Alternatively, you can alter the playback speed to as low as 0.1X to 35X, depending on your mood and how interesting the video is.

You can also rotate in 3 dimensions, pan & zoom videos, and resume playback automatically. Convenient seeking gestures help you seek videos, adjust volume, and repeat or replay.

Slide bar and control icons disrupting your viewing experience? You can choose how long to show controls or to auto-hide all.

Though ads that appear on the top hinder the viewing experience, you can remove them for a moderate amount. If you are a snapshot enthusiast, who loves taking random snapshots between videos for sharing with others or your future reference, Precise Frame mpv Video Player is a must-try. Download it now.

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