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Triple Prime – How High of a Prime Can You Get?

If you like numbers and you are on the lookout for a game that tests your skill for tile manipulation and matching, it’s a good time to give Triple Prime a try. It’s a free download and simple to learn.

This game is similar to other tile sliding games in that you must move tiles up, down, left or right to get matching tiles grouped together. Grouping means either a side or corner touches. Once you get three tiles or more of the same type grouped together, you tap on one of them, and like magic, they turn into one tile.

The key here is that you are working with prime numbers, and once you create group of tiles with one number, say a ‘2’ or ‘3 ‘ or ‘5’, they will all be replaced by one tile with the next prime number. For example, if you gather up three tiles with a ‘5’ on them, then tap on one of them; they will all turn into one tile with a ‘7’. What you are aiming for is trying to get to as high a prime number you can, to rack up points. The higher you go, the more points you accumulate. There is also the notion of collective “lives” that help you get out sticky situations.

When you first start playing, you may start off by randomly swiping tiles around in hopes that matches come together. You most likely will fill up your square playing space fairly quickly. That is where the extra “life” comes in handy. It will allow you extended game play time on your current game by providing some assistance.

With some practice, however, you will slowly begin to see subtle tactics to take to ensure every swipe moves tiles in just the right way to maximize matches and grouping so you get to higher primes faster. Some may tout Triple Prime as great way to teach prime numbers, but I found that it was more of a great tool and trainer for how to strategize tile movements in a way that helped you move similar tiles closer together more efficiently.

The only improvement I would suggest is having a bit more information about the game itself, how it works and how points accumulate. The tutorial is awesome in that it allows you to actually try out what you will be doing while playing the game, and you get to see how tiles move when you swipe. Just so you know what you are up against. But, having a little write-up about the rules would be extremely recommended.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys tile-sliding games and loves shifting things around efficiently. Organizational whizzes and those with high levels of spacial awareness may catch on quickly how best to slide tiles to help create groupings quickly. For the rest of us, sheer luck and lots of practice is what will get us to victory.

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