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Turn Your Smartphone into a Powerful, High-quality Scanning Device with MT PDF Scanner

PDF Scanner app

There were days when people used to seek the help of different types of scanners to scan photos, documents, receipts, and printed cards. Bulky home scanners are long gone and replaced by smartphone apps that can scan almost anything with utmost clarity and precision.

However, only certain apps stand out from the crowd by ticking all the right boxes. One such app is the ‘PDF Scanner App – Cam Scanner’, developed by Meditation-Hypnosis and is available for free on the play store. The app offers you premium quality features for free for a week, transforming your phone into a high-quality scanner with just one tap. 

You can optimize the scan results using multiple filters. For instance, you can use the photo printer style for images and black & white style for documents.

The app enables you to

The small-sized app gets downloaded with the snap of a finger, all ready to do the magic. The app does not demand any fancy sign-up, just click on the installed app icon to start scanning. With MT PDF Scanner, you can scan receipts, business cards, invoices, tax docs, contracts, academic documents, and more. The app lets you save them across multiple categories for easy identification and access.

Imagine you required some information from a website that wouldn’t let you copy-paste its text. You would have taken a screenshot and then retyped the details onto a word document, wasting a significant amount of time. MT PDF scanner uses OCR technology to read text from images or screenshots and extract them for you to edit.

The app enables you to add scanned signatures to documents or sign them digitally. Similar to scanning, it takes just one click to e-mail or post the scan, officially or personally, in PDF or JPEG formats.

File management is the fun part of the MT PDF Scanner app, where you can organize files according to category. You can also add notes that will help you relocate files quickly. Set passwords to folders containing confidential information and encrypt them for an added layer of security.

As the app is synced with Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote, you don’t have to worry about losing a file ever again. You can also access the scanned documents across multiple devices by logging in to your account.

Make the professional cam scanner yours by paying a moderate monthly subscription, removing annoying ads, and reaping its benefits. Do download the app now and share it with your friends.

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