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Useful Apps to Have on Android

Youtube Vanced app

The main advantage of the Android operating system is diversity. And it manifests itself literally at every step – not only when customizing the system, but also when choosing apps. Here is a list of useful applications that you will find interesting.

Google Camera

It is the most powerful camera app on Android. This is a really worthy application that everyone should try. The quality of your photos will improve significantly. With Google Camera, you can shoot in RAW format, HDR + mode, and night mode. It also supports astrophotography, high-resolution imagery with stabilization, audio zoom, and more.

The app works with a large number of devices with Android 10 and 11, with the exception of those based on Snapdragon 845. The list of models is extensive, including Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Samsung devices. You can download the application on a separate site.

The app will also be helpful for taking high-quality pictures on different websites. The camera will take a decent picture.

Youtube Vanced

The app helps to disable YouTube ads and enables background video playback. YouTube Vanced is an incredibly cool modification of the official application, in which ads are disabled and there is the ability to play videos in the background.

The app does not differ at all from the classic program. It has no specific bugs. What is good, the application is installed on top of regular YouTube. Do you just want to watch videos without authorization in Google? Then the app will help you.


Unfortunately, Instagram does not have the ability to upload photos and videos directly from the application – even in the web version on a PC, it takes a long way to download one photo. FastSave will solve your problems. The program is very easy to use:

However, you don’t even have to enter the app – just copy the links of the necessary photos or videos in a row. The application is able to run in the background and download whatever you want without any problems.

Story Saver

It is created to help save stories from Instagram. You may be tired of taking screenshots of some stories. The StorySaver app requires authorization in the Instagram account, but everything is secure thanks to the use of the official social network API.

The program allows you to find and select any users. You can upload stories from a closed account if you subscribe to such an account. In addition to downloading fresh stories, it is possible to download from folders with “actual” stories. 


You are traveling and suddenly you hear a piece of music you want to have on your playlist. You have no idea about the exact name. That’s where Shazam comes to aid. With the help of this app, you can discover the name of the song. Just launch the app and it will do everything for you instantly.

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