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VideoProc – Make the Most of Your Videos the Easy Way


With so many programs that support video downloading and editing, you have at your disposal and wide variety of solutions to choose from. Choose unwisely, and you may end up in a ball of frustration. Choose well, and you will have a tool that will make video processing a breeze. That well-chosen tool would be VideoProc.

It’s a tool that will free you up to enjoy your videos rather than be held down by them. We all take videos from different types of media. Some of us shoot footage from our GoPros or drones. Some of us take quick clips from our iPhones or iPads. Many of us download videos from a multitude of sites. Wherever you get your videos from, VideoProc resolves the issue of taking those files that are in different formats and making them available for playback on many types of other devices.

Let’s say you take video and it saves as a MKV file. That type of file does not play on your iPhone, as is also the case with FLV and AVI files. Additionally, iPhone videos that are in 4K HEVC format will not play on other types of devices. These types of issues, and more, are easily addressed by VideoProc.

In addition to working out format issues, VideoProc addresses other basic and widely known video processing problems:

VideoProc takes advantage of GPU-accelerated horsepower in your machine to multiply its speed 47 times over by using Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GPU acceleration technology. This allows you to easily encode/decode HEVC and VBR videos, move and copy videos at lightning speed while maintaining crisp quality and more.

Not much negative can be said about VideoProc. I found it easy to use and move around in.  One possible improvement would be the ability to save video processing profiles that you can reuse on similar types of videos. That way you would not have to remember what settings you chose to convert a certain type of video.

Because Digiarty is diligent at keeping their products up to date and highly competitive, I know they will have more to offer in their next round of changes, and I definitely look forward to it.

If you are considering VideoProc, decide soon. Digiarty is giving away 2000 license keys along with a chance to win an iPhone XS, AirPods and an iPhone charger cable.

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