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Vlogger Sounds Features Popular Vlog Sounds

Millennials and Generation Z are caught up with vlogging since the internet boom in recent times. You must have come across numerous funny sound effects in most of the vlogs out there. What if you were to have those same sounds at your fingertips? Surprised? Vlogger Sounds is an app that does just that. Having a night out with your peers or probably a drinking game with your best buddies, these ludicrous sound effects can make the mood of the gathering more joyful.

Vlogger Sounds is a free app packed with about 50 different sound effects that are commonly featured in vlogs. The app has a plain and simple layout. It features 5 to 6 sound effect tabs on each page that you can scroll through with the arrow buttons below. The sound effects are given a graphical representation which makes it all the more amusing. All that you need to do is tap on the sound that you want to play. Voila! you have your favorite sound effects making people around you laugh out of their skins. You may not want the sound to go on and on now, would you? Vlogger Sounds features a ‘stop sound’ button at the bottom so that you can halt the sound at your discretion.

Among the five senses that we have, our sense of hearing and differentiating between various sounds is the most versatile. A Sound can make you laugh like a lunatic, it can make you cry an ocean of tears, it can scare you to death or even put you in a trance-like meditative state. Vlogger Sounds taps into this human ability, to tickle your funny bone. The sound effects range from musical ones such as ‘Crank That’ by Soulja Boy and ‘In My Feelings’ by Drake, movie dialogues like the Joker’s ‘Why So Serious?’, meme-inspired such as ‘Thug Life’, to even outrightly funny like ‘Annoying Rooster’ and ‘Fart Machine’. Whenever you feel like the day is going dull or the gathering can do with some light moment, just hit the button and see the dullness go away in a jiffy. The much-cliched statement that laughing is the best medicine definitely holds water. Various studies support this argument. From improving heart health to boosting immunity and alleviating mental disorders by improving social interactions, laughter is nature’s bounty. Vlogger Sounds can be your partner in laughter.

Although this app is designed for a straightforward function that does not demand a sophisticated page layout, the haphazard arrangement of sound buttons seems amateurish. The graphics also demand a better quality to make the app design look aesthetically pleasing and more amusing.

So, if you are looking for a simple app that can add an extra layer of comical non-sense to your otherwise regimented life based on reason, Vlogger Sounds is a good deal. It can add a funny, sonic dimension to the lighter moments of life that lasts forever in the memory, and that is something that makes life worth living. Small pleasures make big differences. Make Vlogger Sounds a part of it. Try it out!

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