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Wartime X – Dynamic and Quick-Paced Card Battle War Game

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Card games can get dull after a while, unless you are playing something high stakes like poker. If you’ve grown out of the slower set of card games and are looking for something charged up with challenge and even higher stakes than poker, look no further than Wartime X.

The creators of Wartime X have combined the need for speed with strategic moves in a game that tests your quick-thinking skills.  Stemming from poker play and the foundations of war, Wartime X stimulates the mind and senses with scenarios that keep you on your toes.

The game setup is simple. You get three cards in one hand. Using those cards, you initiate moves and attacks. The key is to make those moves quickly. For every set of three cards you have in your hand, you must quickly evaluate them and determine what combination to use given the situation you are in – to maximize success.

Cards don’t look like the typical ones we know. Instead, there are heroes and villains that you use to carry out missions and stamp out the opposing team. As you play further into the game, as in all games, you collect more points that afford you sophisticated armor and weaponry through a stronger card set.

Combat is played out by placing your card combo down – whatever you choose. Each set you put down is a symbolic “move” you are making against your opponent. Each mission and fight is based across 100 different cities.

Each card combination can create one of many “moves”: Holds, Attacks, and Blocks are some of the moves you can make, stemming from the strategic plays that comprise poker. Characters on the cards each have their own strongpoint; learn and use them to win. As your point collection increases, you can add to your character collection and beef up the ones you already have.

While typical battles are played out against warring nations or factions, this game pits you against soldiers, mutants and minions who seek to rule the world.

I liked the daily bonuses. They helped me recover from losses I may have sustained, which were quite a few in the beginning. The game is set up to help you learn and get better. No one can be an expert at anything right from the start, it takes practice, and Wartime X allows for that – a great bonus!

The only improvement I would make to the game is to add more dimension to the game in terms of graphics and color. It’s pretty dark and flat, and could use more life.

Looking just at game play, Wartime X is something new and different. There are plenty of card based battle games, but the execution of this game is unique and keeps the pace up, keeping you challenged and entertained.

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