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Welzen – Find Calm or Motivation with Meditation App


Meditation has been used and adapted for hundreds of years to focus the mind and foster creativity. What seems like a simple exercise can actually be quite challenging, so many turn to guided meditations.

Welzen is an amazing guided meditation app that offers different types of sessions. The voice that leads you through these meditations is soothing and helps to get you in a peaceful state of mind.

The different sessions include

There are a few different sessions to choose from under each category, which is convenient. If you are overwhelmed but only have a few minutes to spare, there are five minute sessions. 15-minute meditations are nice after a long day.

If you don’t want to select a specific type of meditation, there’s a “Mindfulness Meditation of the Day” button which takes you straight to a session.

The app also has an introductory series to teach you about mindfulness also a tab about the science. This turns the app into as much as a teaching app as a meditation one.

A feature about this app that I really enjoyed were the reminders. They recommend setting a reminder in the morning, which then has your device send a notification. This way, you can be sure to get your daily practice in.

In addition to meditations, the app offers “mindfulness coaching.” These sessions not only tells you how to relax your brain, but how to engage it and use your mind to the fullest.

Welzen does a great job at teaching about meditation and guiding users to a point where they might not need a voice guiding them. Of course, it’ll always be there to come back to.

The look of the app is nice, but not too calm and relaxing. There are fun graphics to accompany words. The overall experience of the app is pleasant.

Unfortunately, you have to subscribe and pay for access to all the meditations, but there are some free ones that are good. However, once you go through all the free ones you’re done. To “unlock” Welzen and gain access to all of the sessions and series, you must subscribe to a monthly, yearly, or “forever” deal.

Welzen is a great app for anyone who would like to start meditation but isn’t sure how. The combination of teaching series and meditation sessions make it a great app for beginners and masters alike.

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