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Zoom In with Over 40 Magnifier App

You’re rushing out the door, late for a meeting with clients, or with friends, and you’re not quite sure what you look like.   Maybe you’ve got something in your eye and you’re nowhere near a mirror to see what it is.  Can your iPhone help?  Sure can.  There’s a neat little app called Over 40 Magnifier and Flashlight that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a little mirror with a light!  OK, so it’s not just for checking yourself out. It is actually a magnifying tool with light that lets you zoom in on whatever you want to see better.

TLA Investments LLC has created a neat app for iOS that lets you hone in on things that are hard to see with the naked eye.  It could be a receipt that is faded, a menu with tiny print, or the fine print in an instruction manual.  Over 40 lets anyone, of any age, see things in a better light, literally.  It takes an image and enlarges it and you can even opt to turn on the built in flashlight.

The app gives you three different windows from which to view.  Two make it seem like you are actually looking through a magnifying glass, while the third makes the entire screen show the enlarged image.   You can view in normal daylight or indoor lighting; and, for those times when external lighting is insufficient, you can turn on the flashlight.   You can even just use the flashlight on its own when you need it!  The flashlight uses up battery power, so this handy app  automatically shuts it off, and its timer can be set by you under Settings (see the upper left icon from the main screen).

When are you looking at something of interest that you want to share, you can Tweet it or post in on Facebook.  Mighty handy if you looking at some small detail in a flower or artwork that you need to share; but I would refrain from sharing that new smile line you just detected on your face.  You can even take a picture of the image and save it to your device.

Over 40 allows you to view through what looks like a magnifying glass, probably to give you the full effect.  So, you end up looking through a circle that is about half your iPhone screen.  Personally, that is an option I would do without.  It seems better to just have the full screen option so you can see more of what the app has enlarged.  Otherwise, you are moving around the item trying to see it all.

This app is definitely worth it if you need a quick and easy way to zoom in on something that is hard to see.  Even if you wear glasses, there are just some prints and items that you want to enhance so you can make out the fine details.  It certainly comes in handy when you are in the dark, maybe in your car at night and need to find something – only as a passenger!

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