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Best Soccer Statistic Tracker App – Possession

Possession app

Did you know referees were not a part of soccer matches until 1881, and players used to make the calls?

Britain is the birthplace of modern football, the world’s renowned sport. Soccer maintains health and fitness by increasing cardiovascular health, building bone strength & flexibility, lowering body fat, and more. There was a time when soccer statistics meant goals, assists, corner kicks, and fouls. Not so anymore. Advanced soccer metrics help analyze individuals & teams with their strengths and weaknesses. Stats help coaches re-adjust their focus and fine-tune the skills of players. It is when an app comes in handy.

Possession Basic is an app store app developed by John Shackelford and is available for free. The app helps coaches/ managers collect, track and share game statistics with ease. Be it a single game or a whole season, have all meaningful stats in your pocket to evaluate and understand your team’s potential.

Possession Basic does not demand any fancy sign-up. Just click on the installed app icon for the main app view. The home page allows you to track the amount of time each team is in possession of the ball. Once the whistle blows, click Ready to start the game clock. Click the Home button when your team is in possession of the ball, and click the Away button when your opponent has the ball. The Pause button is when the ball is out of bounds. Tap the Home button to track passing completion for the home and away teams. In the end, you can view the effectiveness in the form of a pie chart.

The fast and intuitive data entry method empowers you to record everything from Shots, Corners, Goals, Fouls, or Crosses with a few taps. Just navigate to the Stats view at the bottom of the screen. Under the Fixture tab, you can add general details such as the game title, home & away team names, and other team info like team gender & age. You can also select the game duration, stage (group or elimination), and overtime while there. All these saved details will be displayed in the Match Report.

Click the History tab and enter the Game Title to search for a specific report or filter them by wins, losses, or draws. Click on a match report to view stats, edit to change the score of home or away teams, and swipe right to delete.

Wish to share success stats to motivate team players and excite their parents? Here’s the catch. You can only add email recipients if you purchase an Email Upgrade. Also, Possession Basic allows you to store details of only the last 3 games. You can enjoy unlimited storage when you go premium and purchase Database Editor. You can also buy Penalty Kicks Editor for a reasonable amount. Get rid of those annoying ads with Ads disabled.

Maintaining your team’s statistics is crucial to measuring their performance. Possession Basic reduces the workload of coaches and gets parents involved in the game. Just picks a volunteer to do the job while you focus on technical actions. So what are you waiting for? Download Possession Basic now, collect crucial game statistics, and improve your team’s performance quickly.

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