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The Real Football – Gone Mobile with Football Flair

Football Flair screenshot

If you love the real football, also known as soccer in the U.S., then you’ll get a kick out of Football Flair. It’s a soccer game app that simplistically brings the game of soccer to you in your mobile device. While it’s nothing like a real full field game, it does give players a chance to take shots at different types of goals and earn points.

The goals are not always easy to get to and manipulation of the ball is not the simplest. You have to tap left or right to kick the ball from correct side and in the right direction to get the ball into the goal and score. You also have to dribble around your opponents, of which there may be a few or there might be a lot.

When you first download Football Flair, it will start you off in easy mode, because you definitely don’t want to start off too fast. The game itself is setup to move the screen from top to bottom, so it basically is mimicking the notion of you running up the field towards the opposing team’s goal. To dribble, you tap on the left side of the screen to kick the ball towards the left, and you tap on the right side of the screen to move the ball towards the right.

As you keep moving forward, the there will be funny looking players to avoid. If you hit one, then you are done and you need to restart the game. If you make it to the goal and kick the ball in, then you score a goooooooooooooal!


As you play more, score more and earn increasing points, you can get trophies and go into the “Balls” area of the game and buy a different kind of ball. The default is the tried and true black and white soccer ball.

While the description sounds simple, the game is not. It is fast moving, even on the easy level. It takes a few tries but you’ll get the hang of how to tap and manipulate the ball to keep it moving in the right angle and direction. Every time you hit a stopping point, you get a quick synopsis of the number of goals you scored, the distance you moved within the game and your overall best.

I would like to see the game maybe slow things down just a bit, because it really moves fast, and I think having a slower speed to give players a chance to practice how to tap left and right would be quite beneficial.

The game is a great way to fill up spare time or keep the kids busy when you need them occupied. The pace is something that will keep itchy fingers busy for at least a while.

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