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Dino Car Battle – Driver Warrior – Derbying Dinosaurs Meet their Match

Dino Car Battle app

If you like demolition derby and you also like dinosaurs, have I got a game for you. Never has there been a more bizarre juxtapositioning of two elements in one game – and it’s something that anyone who loves daring driving must experience. Download Dino Car Battle-Driver Warrior to find out what I mean.

It’s a small purchase that comes with a ton of features and no limits – something that you won’t find in many gaming apps out there. Most games lure you in, leave you helpless, requiring you to make in app purchases to stay in the game. Not Dino Car Battle-Driver Warrior. You make the purchase and you are all set. You get full functionality, unlimited lives, unlimited amount of fuel, access to all weapons and a choice of whatever car you want to drive, from the very start. There is nothing to work up to or anything like that.

When you start, you get your choice from a set of seven supercharged sports cars. Each car has it’s own set of specialty weaponry, so if you feel like one doesn’t really work for you, switch over to another – there are no restrictions. Cars can go up to 155 miles/hour in the forward direction and just over 40 miles/hour going backwards – because we all know that in demolition derby, you have to move in all directions, fast!

Ok, so let’s talk about what the game is all about. You basically find yourself in a situation or scene in which dinosaurs have invaded and are running wild. You have to maneuver your vehicle to take them all out, except for the vegetarian dinos, like brachiosaurus. These dinosaurs are not slow, so you have to be quick and react even faster than they do, to make sure you don’t die first.

There are four games, from what I could tell. One is a Gladiator Arena, the second is the Airport, the third is the Harbor and the last is the Stadium. All games are “enclosed”, which helps bring the demolition derby aspect to life. Within each game, there are four scenes representing four levels. So, there’s plenty to keep you busy and on your toes, if you get my drift.

Players will like the 3D effect, which really helps immerse you into the game even more. You can choose different playing views: from within the car and looking from behind the car. There are even camera views that let you see other cars – and yes, this can be a multiplayer game!

If you want to play single player, that is also an option. I like that the game offers no limits or restrictions once you paid for it, but it certainly would be nice to know that you have some sort of an uphill battle in completing the four games. Knowing that you have unlimited lives and no limits to fuel doesn’t exactly induce a sense of working towards a goal. But I can see that it keeps players happy and continuing to play.

If you are into stranger things and want to try out a different kind of battling game, I highly recommend giving Dino Car Battle-Driver Warrior a go.

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