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Easy-to-Use Auction Price Finder

Auction Price Finder screenshot

The Auction Price Finder app lets you see the average price of that an item you may be interested in bidding on previously sold for in other auctions. The process of searching is very simple. You enter the name of what you are searching for first, and then you can pick from a drop down list what country’s eBay listings you want to search in. There are a lot; you can pick from the US, the UK, just about anywhere.

After you pick the country you want to search in, you set a price range you want the app to search in. The app will use that information to calculate the average cost of the item you searched for across the auction listings it found. The auction listings the Auction Price Finder app brings up in the Results tab all feature sold products that fall within the price range you selected. From there, you can see the calculated average price of what the item you are looking up sold for, and you can also see where your selected price range falls within that pool of sold products. Under that, you can see information that tells you how many listings the app used to calculate this sale price average number.  If you look through those numbers and their graphs, you can see for yourself if you need to expand your chosen price range or if you need to narrow it down.

When you are first entering your search terms and price range into the app, there are boxes you can check that tell the app that you want to exclude the cost of shipping from the price range you are searching in, that way you only see the average sold-for price of the actual product instead of what it cost with the product plus the shipping.

There is also a box you can check on the initial search for “BuyItNow”. If you check that box, the Auction Price Finder app will show you what options you have available to you to actually buy what you are looking for right now in active buy-it-now listings in addition to showing you what your item was sold for in other auctions. That way you can see if maybe it would be more cost effective for you to just get the product you are looking for through a buy-it-now listing instead of bidding on it in an active auction.

There is a tab for excluded listings that shows you what the app found outside of the price range you asked it to search in. I assume it will be useful to some, however, all I have found in the excluded listings so far are items that really are not close to what I was looking for, but I guess that’s just because of how eBay sellers list their products.

I would like it if the app offered some sub search options so the search could be more specific without losing a lot of listings, but I assume that is just a problem that comes with the territory that is eBay.

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