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Get in a Fight, Berenstain Bears – An Interactive, Educational App

BerenstainBears Get in a Fight app

When my kids used to watch The Berenstain Bears, all I could think of was how much I wanted to climb up and down the stairs of the treehouse, run around the yard with Sister and Brother Bear, and eat pie.

If you’re scratching your head, then let me explain. The Berenstain Bears is a series of books written by Stan and Jan Berenstain that center around a loveable family of bears. There’s Papa, Mama, Sister, and Brother Bear.

Their stories are just like ours. They are a family with kids that try to teach about good manners and how to be helpful. The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight follows the book of the same title, bringing the story, the settings and the fun to life.

This app creatively takes every page of the book, animates them and adds additional activities that keep kids wondering and playing, all while they learn.

Yes, the app does have a purpose behind it. It’s basically an interactive book with learning activities. Wanderful has done an amazing job at creating the app and then also providing a detailed resource that teacher and parents can use to extract even more value for their kids.

In this story, Brother and Sister Bear are acting as typical siblings do. On this particular morning, they have woken up grumpy and tired, and the friction doesn’t stop there. The fighting continues throughout the day until Mama and Papa can take no more. In fact, the siblings get to a point where they can’t even remember why they were fighting to begin with.

This book allows parents to teach their kids to read, and then it goes beyond that with teaching important life lessons. Get in a Fight centers around avoiding arguments and disagreement; and, when do occur, how to deal with them without letting them get out of hand.

Key Elements in the App include:

I really could not find any downside to this app, except for the fact that it may be wise to download it on your Mac or iPad. Trying to read the words from an iPhone is quite difficult and may defeat the purpose of the app altogether.

Other than that, I could not see anything that would stop me from buying this Get In A Fight, Berenstain Bears. I don’t think you can find a better interactive app that helps kids learn while they play; and, the storyline that is offered in this app is of the utmost quality. I would not mind if my kids spent hours on this app, because I know they would be learning so many great lessons.

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