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Wanderful Cuentos – Sample Interactive Stories in Spanish

Wanderful Cuentos app

If you’ve been searching for an interactive book for your kids in Spanish, and were unsure which one was best, now your search is over.

Wanderful, the creators of a huge series of interactive apps for books, offers a neat sampler app that is written and spoken in Spanish. It allows you to check out seven different storybooks that they have brought to life, to see if the concept of an interactive book even appeals to you; and then, because you’ve sampled the seven of the many books they offer, you now know which ones you’d like to purchase first.

This is a great app for trying out books you already know and love in English, to see if their Spanish counterpart is just as entertaining and accurate. It works for both the Spanish speaking community, as well as folks who are learning to speak Spanish and want another medium in which to practice.

The app offers a page from the following books:

Each sample offers the first page of the app from which it comes, but written and spoken in Spanish.

Every page comes to life with over 300 moving parts and animation that mimics watching the cartoon of the same book. When you tap on a word or phrase, the words light up, helping kids recognize and learn the spelling, sound, and look of the word.

The narration is true to the story, and oftentimes, each character has its own voice, recorded by different people, so it sounds more realistic. Having just one person read the story would make it tiresome and boring for the kids.

Each book’s app also comes equipped with a teacher’s guide. A preview comes for free when you purchase the app, and an in app purchase provides the full guide, filled with fun activities kids can complete to supplement the app and its activities.

This sample app is like nothing ease I have ever seen. Who else does stuff like this? It is so nice to see someone offering something for free so you can make an informed decision, before laying down your money.

I would like to have seen may two pages per book, just to get a better idea of how the apps worked, like moving between pages. Currently, you see the second page, but it is not active. Instead, it allows you to conveniently purchase the app for the book, if you liked what you saw on page one; or, you can move on to the next book sample.

Nonetheless, Wanderful Cuentos makes it so easy for parent and teachers get a better feel for what Wanderful offers and how their interactive apps work. A definitely smart move on their part, helping parents and teacher alike make an educated decision on an interactive app for their kids.

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