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iPhones 11, 12, and 13: What are the Future Prospects


Apple company has no stopping when it comes to releasing the new iPhones. It is true that Apple is highly competitive in the technology market, but also, it is creating competition among its own products. Therefore, iPhones 11, 12, and 13 are in the competition in the iPhone market because they have minor differences but high competition in the price range. So, let’s go through the comparison of these iPhone products.


All of the three versions of the iPhone under discussion have no major differences except that iPhone 11 is heavier, while the screen is larger in size than the other two types. The common characteristic shared in all three versions is that they are designed as water and dust resistant and have IP68 Splash technology.

Display Characteristics

All three versions have the best displays with the difference that the resolution of iPhone 11 has 828p while the 12 and 13 versions have 1170p resolution. In addition, there is this minute difference in the brightness, where iPhone 11 and 12 contain 625 nits, while iPhone 13 contains 800 nits.


All of the iPhones under discussion have 12mp wide and ultra-wide cameras. However, there is a significant difference in the aperture, where iPhone 12 and 13 share the same one that is ƒ/1.6, while iPhone 11 has ƒ/1.8. Among all the three versions, iPhone 13 has an advanced sensor of 1.7-micron pixels. Moreover, it contains this outstanding cinematic mode that is useful for auto-focusing during video recording, and it is rare to find with other devices.


All three versions have newer processor chips, such as A13, A14, and A 15 Bionic chip for iPhone 11, 12, and 13. Moreover, they have a 4-core GPU and 6-core CPU containing the Bionic Chip.


According to the Apple company, its devices have the best playback time, which runs a minimum of 17 hours; however, iPhone 13 version has an outstanding performance with a video playback time of 19 hours. So, such an extended battery time allows you to get through your day without giving much thought to charging it again and again. Therefore, such phones give the user an advantage to try online games through their mobile devices. Such as with the long-lasting battery iPhone 11, 12 or 13, you can always choose to play at Vulkanbet from any location. Because this online platform is compatible with the iOS system, and the users can log into it via browsers or download the app.


iPhone 11 is lagging in connectivity, as it offers 4G LTE while the other two have 5G connectivity. Though network connection is a breakthrough point and makes a big difference in fast accessibility, 5G is still not as good as 4GLTE. Therefore, there is no need to panic for rushing for 5G devices. Moreover, 5G network is not prevalent, so while purchasing an iPhone device, you must consider not to purchase a device that does not meet your requirement. On the other hand, iPhone 11 with 4G connectivity is still a hero for the users, so why spend some extra money.

Pricing and Storage

From all the points discussed above, we can see that iPhone 12 and 13 have much of the common characteristics compared to iPhone 11. Here is the list of all the storage and pricing that you get out of the three models:

Future Prospects

iPhone 13 has just been released, and there are already rumors about iPhone 14, and the big news is that there won’t be the mini versions of iPhone 14. Instead, the company will be focused on creating the one with the big screens. About its release, it is more likely that iPhone 14 will be out for purchase in September 2022. Well, the prediction about the price of new versions is highly encouraging that it may be available in the market at a low cost compared to its predecessor, iPhone 13.

Other than that, iPhone cameras are too overrated among their many features; therefore, with the upcoming version, the chunky bit of cameras would no longer be there, and the camera size will be considerably small at the front.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, iPhone 11, 12, and 13 have the slightest differences, whereas the iPhone 11 version is lagging a little bit in the performance compared to its successors. Though the latter two versions are a bit advanced when we want to track down any notable difference, there is no one worth mentioning.

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