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VideoProc – Win Big with a Video Converter that Creates Content for iPhones and More


Videos can be found from a variety of sources and as long as you are viewing them from the source, everything works well. In today’s world, though, content of all kinds is expected to run just about everywhere and that includes videos and audio files. If you are like many who have experienced great frustration in getting videos to run on your iPhone or have attempted unsuccessfully to run videos taken from your iPhone on other devices, then you need to get VideoProc.

VideoProc makes several non iOS video formats work on your iPhone. Formats like MKV, FLV and AAC. It also takes drone and GoPro created videos and makes them work on iPhone, too. It also converts videos taken from your iPhone and allows them to run on older versions QuickTime, Photos, iMovie, Windows Media Player. It also takes 4K 60PFS iPhone videos and converts them into files that work well on VLC and other types of video players.

You can learn more about VideoProc by watching this informational clip on YouTube.

The win big part comes not only in the form of being able to play all sorts of videos on your iPhone and vice versa, it refers to giveaway sweepstakes that’s currently underway. Between January 11, 2019 and February 20, 2019, if you visit the VideoProc sweepstakes giveaway website, you can enter to win one of many valuable prizes:

Earn more entries and increase your chances of winning by sharing the contest page, downloading VideoProc and following VideoProc from various social media accounts. Right now, VideoProc is offering a 62% discount on its full version, including lifetime updates. So it’s urgent that you act now!

You’ve heard plenty about what you can win, but now on to the details on how VideoProc makes using videos so much more easier. Using GPU acceleration, Videoproc becomes a quick 4K video processing machine that’s 47x faster than any other, while also maintain superb quality. HEVC/H.265 videos easily convert to H.264 maintaining full compatibility.

The tool not only converts cleanly and quickly, it provides over 420 device specific formats, allowing users to start conversion with just one click. Using predefined profiles eliminates the need to know anything about setting and tweaking parameters.

Now, if tweaking is your thing, then you have several at your disposal. You can adjust frame rates, bit rates, resolutions and more, so your final outcome is exactly as you want it, based on where you’ll be playing it. Destinations include Android devices, TVs, YouTube and more.

If you need to convert videos to allow them to play on an iPhone, VideoProc does this as well. Create MP4 and MOV files from MKV, AVI and FLV files. VideoProc also supports music file conversion, creating AAC, MP3, AIFF and M4A files to play on the iPhone and to be used to create ringtones.

Bonus features in Videoproc feature easy downloads from YouTube and from over 1000 other popular video and audio sites. You can also edit, crop, merge, add filters and subtitles to your converted files, making each one your own and viewable the way you want.

All you have to do now is visit the VideoProc site soon and enter to win big! But do it fast. The great giveaway ends February 20.

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