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iTop Screen Recorder – Make Video Editing Projects Simple but Perfect

itop screen recorder application

There are several ways you can edit your video, but hiring a professional may not be everyone’s cup of tea, given how expensive it can be. But mastering professional video editing tools are hard and require time that many of us are not willing to invest. So a better alternative is to create your own content, perhaps by recording your screen and then editing the video on the same platform.

When it comes to screen recording and editing the file on the same platform, no other application can beat the performance and versatility of iTop Screen Recorder. It is a third-party app that allows you to record your screen, edit them with advanced yet simple-to-use editing tools, and export it in 4K resolution. And the best part, iTop Screen Recorder also offers a generous free plan that allows you to create a video without any waterworks.

This article will discuss some of iTop Screen Recorder’s features to help you decide if it’s worth your time.

Features of iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder offers a plethora of features to make your life easy. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

Gaming mode: With a dedicated gaming mood, iTop Screen Recorder makes it super easy to record your gaming sessions and post them on your favorite social media to create a new income stream. Because iTop Screen Recorder is optimized for gaming, it does not hog your system down, and you can enjoy good frame rates even on demanding AAA titles with screen recording turned on. You can then trim the video and upload it right from the app itself.

Record Screen & Facecam: If you are recording a tutorial or instructions, it can make sense to include your face to create a level of trust with the viewer. iTop Screen Recorder offers this feature, and you can easily use the webcam on your device to record your face and the screen in front of you without any lag.

120fps 4K Recording: 4K recording in 120fps is extremely demanding for any computer. But because iTop Screen Recorder is so well optimized, it can run smoothly even on older devices.

Easy to use: Because of the pandemic, many of us have been permanently working from home, and recognizing this need, iTop Screen Recorder ensures its interface is easy to navigate, and anyone without prior knowledge of using a screen recorder can use the platform.

No time limit: On the paid version of this iTop app, you have no restriction on how long you can record your screen. As long as you have the power and will to continue, iTop Screen Recorder will be at your service, unlike other recording apps that limit how long you can use the app.

No watermark: Whether you are a paid user or a free one, iTop Screen Recorder does not include any watermarks on your video. This enables users, even on a free plan, to share their videos with the world without worrying too much about licensing.

Some final words

As we digitize our daily life, video content will only grow and open new possibilities for people in all professions. If you are a teacher, you can use iTop Screen Recorder to record your screen and illustrate any complex topics. If you are in sales and marketing, you can create a short tutorial to help our customers use the product you are selling. In truth, the possibility a screen recorder like iTop creates is truly fascinating. And the best part, you can add professional editing retouch to your video right from the app without having to install or spend time learning other complex editing software. So give iTop Screen Recorder a try, as it can truly change the way you create video content.

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