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Max Fitness Workout Assistant to Control Your Fitness Regime

max fitness app

Have you been trying really hard to lose weight while spending money on expert advice and not been successful? Have you been worried about how to stay on track while losing weight? Have you been looking for a good training plan that will assist you in your weight loss goal without putting much pressure on you? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the questions above, then it is time that you took control of your fitness regime and started working on it flexibly, the way you wanted to do it and in your own free time. To assist you in this process is the very helpful android app, ‘Max fitness workout assistant’ that can keep track of your progress by letting you log all your activities and provide advice on what to do and what not to do.

Max fitness workout assistant provides all the fitness trainers, assistance in their training and helps them put their best effort into achieving their fitness. It lets you key in some personal information and generates advice based on that input, which the user can follow at their own convenience.

Max fitness workout assistant is available free on the google play store. Once installed and on opening the app, it guides you to a screen where you can go through a theory on how to achieve your fitness goals if you are a novice user and, pro users can just dive right in to use the app. The theory should take anything between 10 to 15 minutes to complete where you input your age, gender, height, weight and the amount of exercise you do every week. These values can be entered in the metric system of your choice. Based on your input, it calculates the maintenance level for you in kcals. This calculation will be just a start to maintain your fitness as it is currently.

The app then takes you to the next screen where you can compare your fitness level with examples, displayed as images, to roughly estimate the amount of fat in your body. If the level is above 27%, the app suggests that you lose some fat before building up muscles and creates a nutrition report that you need to follow based on your input. The app then lets you choose how many days you are available for workout; 3, 4 or 7 days and based on your input designs a workout plan for you to follow. Workouts can be manually added or removed depending on what you wish to personally work on.

Features of the app:

Overall, Max Fitness is very simple to use with straightforward user interface and guidance on every screen for even novice users. There is no limit to the features available and this will suit anyone with any need as far as their fitness is concerned.

Along with the nutritional charts, it would be beneficial if the app could advise on what food to eat and avoid and the portions of food that one should be taking while following a fitness regime as most people slip at this particular task. This will also help users to save time looking for this information elsewhere on the web.

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