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Roamer – Cheap Calls for Frequent Travelers

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Roamer is a unique app designed to solve all the communication and connectivity related problems while travelling out of country. Compatible with all the android phones, Roamer is easy to install and use. This application promises to solve the travelling woes by offering cheap tariffs and good sound quality. Roamer lets you enjoy its services and features on your own SIM. A recommended application by TechCrunch, Engadget, Mashable & many others. Roamer helps you keep connected without interfering with your other applications or phone features.

This application helps you get rid of the high international roaming charges and offers cheap international call rates. International calling is unbelievably low using this application as it offers really reasonable tariff charges. USP of this application is that it enables you to keep your same local number and allows you to use your same local SIM, whilst you use this application.

This application becomes a mandate for frequent travelers who need to stay connected while on a tour with their reporting authorities at the office and family back home. This app will ensure connectivity throughout the trip. With Roamer, one can also expect saving a fortune on their international call charges and roaming charges and without having to change their local number and SIM. This saves the hassle of carrying two phones or switching between two SIMS and missing important calls in between.

Sound quality and connectivity with such apps becomes highly questionable. Howeer, Roamer ensures high-grade sound quality and the connectivity of the app is par excellence. Often people face issues of network availability and sound glitches while making calls during their travels. Roamer promises to be good application on this front too. Functions seamlessly without disturbing your current phone settings or other applications.

There are other features that help Roamer stand out from other similar applications. It is available with Pre-paid option where customer’s requirement.  a top up can be done as per the requirement. Effective connectivity tools like push- notifications and voice mails to ensure nothing important is missed while you are off-line

Summarizing the benefits of Roamer with additional features:

 . Allows the user to keep the same local number and SIM

 . Competitive tariff charges and reduced roaming charges.

 . Compatible with all Android phones.

 . Good sound quality and excellent connectivity in the listed countries.

 . Have more than 200 countries in the list where it is workable.

 . Voice-mail notifications are sent to the email when the user is unavailable. Even allows you to reset your voice-mail message.

. Turkish language option available.

 . Allows you to switch between Voice or data roaming or Wifi or 3G.

 . Get notified with your push notifications activated even when you are disconnected from Roamer.

 . No hassles to use it with a dual SIM phone, it’s easy to switch on during VOIP calls on the local number.

. Option of prepaid & Top up purchase.

Roamer assures no pop-ups or advertisements to get bothered from Therefore, it can be considered as a travelers tool kit, to keep connected and make calls like a local in other countries too.

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