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Super Space Boy – Bouncing Off Balloons to Target Aliens

A simple game, Super Space Boy is an adventure for kids and adults alike, set in space and fun for all. Created by Craig Lauderdale, this game is an app ready for use on either the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, is family friendly, and free.

The game features Space Boy, astronaut hero of the comic book series bearing his name, whose mission is to seek and destroy invading aliens, without guns or laser beams. Space Boy bounces up and down your screen, bouncing off a balloon that sits near the bottom and moves to the swipe of your finger. Make sure to keep the balloon inflated at all times by passing it over small green blobs marked with plus signs. The balloon will always have a number on it. ‘4’ means its full. Get down below ‘2’ and you will have insufficient air for any bounce, which means “game over.”

The app starts off with what is deemed an optional story background. At the very top right of the screen, there is a “SKIP” icon, however when I tapped it, nothing happened. I still had to listen to the story of Space Boy, how the youngster in the story dreams of being him, and how he is Space Boy in the game you play.

When the actual game starts, you simply tap on the balloon and keep your eyes on everything that moves before you. Keep the balloon strategically placed below Space Boy, so when he starts to fall, you can send him back up with a bounce. I was not sure how to control Space Boy’s direction so that he could target and hit aliens that were off to the side. My game was pretty much contained in a narrow vertical zone, but I am sure with time and practice, things will get better.

As Space Boy destroys the aliens and captures coins, your points go up and you gather more “life” measured in hearts. Get hit by an alien, and you lose some of your accumulated points. Lose our balloon, and you are done. Points and hearts are displayed at the top of the screen, so you can keep track. The number plastered over the balloon was so important, yet, it took a few deflations for me to figure that out.

One thing the game should change is to possibly add a trial run or demo of how to play that also explains each of the key items to monitor and capture. Kids seem to pick up easily on what they need to target and hit. Being a member of the older generation, these things do not come easy to me, and I end up faltering numerous times before giving up. Some guidance would be extremely appreciated, although I suppose my son could tutor me.

Yet, as a free game that is safe for all to play, I give Super Space Boy a thumbs-up for any parent looking for some kid-friendly entertainment. Yes, the hero is looking to destroy the enemy, but it is all done in a very non-violent manner, with simple contact and the magical disappearance of aliens.

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