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Top-rated Self-learning App for Your Kid in 2022 – LogicLike: Games for Kids


Not all screen time is negative. Experts agree that learning apps for kids can be fun, engaging, and interactive. They can also be customized according to age with modified difficulty levels to test their understanding. Let’s look at one such app designed for kids aged four and above.

LogicLike: Games for kids is an excellent educational app developed by ‘LogicLike – Educational Games and is available on the play store. The app offers 2500 + games, curated by an experienced team of professional educators, that fosters creativity in your child.

To begin, input your child’s age to get a unique set of age-specific games and puzzles. Then, choose a subscription plan to get the best value and bag a three-day free trial. On the next page, you will notice several categories like coloring, ABC, music, brainteasers, logic & math, the natural world, and more for you to choose from. Under each category, you will find several puzzles that are educational and intuitive.

Let’s imagine you want to teach your kids about countries and capitals. Can you do that without making them feel bored, distracted, or tired? As much as you can come up with several creative ways, LogicLike makes learning fun by introducing cool animated characters that walk them through. To enable efficient processing of related information and memory recall, your kid will be instructed to drag and drop countries on a map, relate the shape of the country to a 2 D shape, match things of cultural significance to their shadows, and then brief those places.

Every time your child clears a puzzle, they will be awarded points that keep adding up. On solving a certain number of puzzles, they will get certificates that can later be downloaded. On top of that, positive voiceover affirmations like ‘Wonderful’, ‘Amazing’, ‘You are Super’, ‘Magnificent’, ‘You are Outstanding’, ‘You are too good’ on clearing levels motivate your kids. And fire up the areas of the brain responsible for making them feel happy and positive.

All the puzzles and tasks have voiceovers to help your child learn alone or with minimal adult supervision. Graphics of hints & tips and pleasant background music reinforce the learning effect. Also, new puzzles are added to the library all the time.

To ensure your child gets no more than 20 minutes of screen time daily, LogicLike will prompt your kid to take a break.

There is a separate section for parents, where you can track your child’s performance, course progress, number of puzzles solved with & without mistakes, and the puzzles given up date-wise. You can also find out where your child positions themselves among their friends who use LogicLike, city-level, and peers worldwide. On the leaderboard, not only will you find kids who rank but also statistics related to them. Including English, the app is available in 7 languages. However, changing the language will clear your kid’s learning progress and start the course afresh. You can also toggle the music and sound on and off under the settings.

The 3-day trial period LogicLike offers is more than enough to convince you to subscribe to the app and reap its benefits. Download the app now and gift your child the best memory of their leisure time together.

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