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Why WinX MediaTrans is the Topmost Media Transfer App Alternative to iTunes

MediaTrans app

Transferring files from iPhone to Windows or vice versa can be very difficult at times. Currently, there are a lot of apps that can help you to safely send and receive media files.

Among these apps, WinX MediaTrans is widely considered to be the most reliable iTunes alternative. You can back up all files, transfer your photos, videos, and lovely music between any device.

WinX MediaTrans app allows you to send and sync important media files on your iPhone/iPad. Also, it lets you save media files easily from iPhones to a windows PC without any loss of file or encryption.

No need for iTunes

This is a major flex. No need to worry about installing iTunes on the PC. WinX MediaTrans does the work of iTunes without needing special requirements.

Also, zero data loss. The app supports all versions of the iPhone including iOS 14.

Secure and Private

People take their privacy very seriously and the app considers it. It has an option that allows you to lock up and protect private files.

The powerful encryption tool ensures that videos, pictures, and other important files remain private.

The app can withstand brute force or malicious attacks.

Manage your Music

You can not only back up your music to avoid losing them, but you also can reshuffle the music folder. You can transfer files vice versa, create and modify playlists just by drag & drop. You can also edit the artist’s name, manage ringtones and voice on your phone.

No Cloud charges

Using this app will relieve you of the burden of renewing your monthly storage subscription on iCloud. Save more money and resources.

Easy to use

Get WinX MediaTrans that is easy to use and understands your Windows more than iTunes. It allows you to store your data flexibly.

You could decide to move all parts of your files or choose to move only a part of it.

Import/Export Video Files

Manage your video files in any way. Saves the file automatically in the appropriate formats while you import or export it.

Edit Files Comfortably

Manage your video files and other big files to maximize the phone space. Adjust the file size by reducing the space it takes up by up to 50% without losing the original video quality.

Videos imported/exported through the app are always top quality and retain original value. Videos can also adapt to screen size and auto-rotate for better viewing experiences. Get MediaTransfer for free to transfer iPhone data.

Experience more on the App

WinX MediaTrans offers so many benefits at a giveaway price. The holiday sales promo is almost over and this presents a unique opportunity to get all these features at a good price.

Take advantage of this holiday promo to get amazing discounts on all purchases. Get a full subscription to enjoy more benefits of using the app.

Benefits of full subscription

Upgrade to WinX MediaTrans full version with a special offer as low as $25.95. (57% off)

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