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Family Fun Continues on a Fishing with Grandpa

Fishing with Grandpa

In the next installment offered to fans of Fairlady Media, find yourself filling up buckets of fun Fishing with Grandpa. This app extends the unique and valuable series that helps teach life skills to kids in a light-humored and experiential way.

Many of us, back in the day, spent hours with grandparents and extended family, having loads of fun and learning equally as much. Many kids today don’t get that kind of time with family, and more specifically, with grandparents, who have so much to share, wisdom to wield and time to carefully deliver lessons that build strong foundations.

FairLady Media has concocted a series of apps that, through games and exercises, give kids a virtual experience with Grandpa. In this app, they go on a fishing trip, learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make success on such an outing.

Not like other games, this game moves at an inviting pace, moving casually and sweetly as Grandpa shows his supportive love. The character’s voice is as you would expect for a Grandpa, slow and soothing, and full of character; however, every so often, a bit of mischief sneaks through with pippy comments that make you smile and remind you that he was once a boy, too.

Upon downloading the app, you can set preferences by going to Settings. Most importantly, you play gatekeeper by defining your child’s threshold, which basically defines access levels and privileges. In settings, Music can be turned ON or OFF, selection of activity types (more for parents), the ability to recycle through certain activities you may want your child to gain more practice on.

Activities abound in the app, which offers ten in all. Skills tested include counting, sequencing with numbers, categorization activities in which kids much select items that are the same or different, color sense, puzzles, and to keep things light, some video clips.

At any particular level, the app takes care to introduce activities that stimulate within the child’s capabilities without being overbearing, so as to turn the child away. Themes revolve which offer up new exploratories and perspectives.

As an example, one activity has kids measuring the length of a freshly caught fish. Once mastering this, parents and teachers can then bring the lesson to life by asking how long the child’s arm or leg is. Grandpa makes sure kids don’t get bored or stuck with careful guidance and sound suggestions.

There’s not much to not like about this app. It presents in such vivid color and life, that kids will easily migrate towards it, no questions asked. The only improvement this app could use is a few more exercises to provide more variety, because kids these days master things fast, no matter their age, so more variety up front would be beneficial.

Outside of that, Fishing with Grandpa brings to life the wholesomeness of a good old-fashioned fishing trip with Grandpa in a way kids can experience – anytime. It’s a game with value.

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