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Hexa – 6 Puzzle Exercises Minds and Entertains

Hexa - 6 Puzzle featured

Puzzles can be tons of fun, if you like anything that’s detailed and works your mind. Now, you can enjoy a cross between Tetris and puzzle fixing, without any of the pressure found in typical games to move and land pieces within a certain amount of time. Hexa-6 is a fun and colorful puzzle fixing game where you try to fit various shapes made of hexagons into a final pattern.

The game is super intuitive and easy to play. The hard part is solving the puzzle, and that means placing each piece in such a way that all pieces that are presented to you fit in the destination area.

There are four levels of play: Beginner, Advanced, Master and Expert. You can start at any level, but you will only have access to the very first game. Complete it and work your way up to unlock more games. I find this to be a pleasant change from many other games that force you to start at the bottom, even if you are pretty good already.

Games start off with 4 pieces and can make their way up to puzzles with more. You will find it almost relaxing to play this game because there is no timer and penalties for choosing the wrong configuration. As you place pieces and find the remaining ones won’t fit, you can move the pieces around and try again, all within the puzzle frame.

The colors are bright, making it easy to distinguish and picture each piece in its place so you can do some preplanning before you move a single piece!

As you play and complete puzzles, you will be rewarded with extra points as gifts and hints. Those hints become mighty handy when you get to get to the more advanced puzzles. Hints can also be purchase in-app.

After completing a puzzle, you can redo it, look at your stats, or move on to the next game. There are over 240 puzzles to solve in the app, and I am sure that as time progresses, the creators will be adding even more.

If there is one thing I would change, it would be to reduce the number of ads. I realize that since this is a free app, you have to pay for it somehow; but it was a bit annoying to keep seeing ads pop up every time I went to start a new game.

If you are in search of a simple app to keep you entertained, Hexa-6 is it. It’s great for adults. Hexa-6 is great for kids. It’s for anyone looking to make some use of their time in a way that exercises the mind while keeping you entertained.

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