Tribe – Share, but Select Who Sees

Videos are fun, but some are more fun than others, and sometimes, cannot be shared where they may not be allowed to be posted or you just don’t want the whole world seeing them. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all censor content, which means when you get a little quirky and creative, those clips may not make it on to the clipboard.

Have no fear, because there is a solution for that. Most of those unique videos you know won’t post on more public sites are usually meant for a smaller crowd anyway. Tribe is a new app that exclusively lets you share uncensored video clips to a maximum group of ten. That’s your tribe – your go to group for anything you want to share, be it crazy, intimate, controversial or just plain old simple.

Tribe is free to download and works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, so you can create and share from just about anywhere. Your tribe can then receive and enjoy at their leisure.

This is how Tribe works. Download it and immediately list the ten friends who are in your Tribe. You don’t have to list ten; that is just the max allowed. Once you have listed them, Tribe will send out an invite to them, which mean they will also need to download Tribe as well. Your friends have 24 hours to say YES, before they lose their chance to join your tribe. If they don’t response, you can reinvite them or move on to someone else.

Once you are connected to your tribe, the fun begins. Play around a bit with videotaping to see how creative you can get. There is not much in terms of editing options, but you really don’t need them in this social circle. This is about you and what you are up to. Sharing what you are experiencing, just in the moment you’ve experienced it.

Tribe iPhone app

After recording your video clip, which can be a maximum of 5 seconds, you can then share it with your tribe. The nice thing about this app is that none of your videos are saved on any Tribe server, so you have the security of knowing that whatever you post, it will only permanently be on your device. Videos shared with your Tribe can only be viewed by your Tribe’s devices and not shared or saved by them. You have all the power over your clips.

The only uncertainty I have with this app is that they say that Tribe servers don’t store the videos, but that does not mean that the videos are not stored on other non-Tribe servers. As content in social media passes through the airwaves, it hits several servers, and who’s to know where it could be permanently lodged.

That aside, Tribe does offer unique and safe way to share private videos with a specific audience so you can share special moments with your tribe without having to share it with the world. Tribe is also available on Android.