Kombie – Create Your Original Video Content

Kombie is an application that allows its users to create their own original content. The application allows users to create two video clips together. One of these clips is from a featured list, found on the Kombie App, while the other clip can be recorded or uploaded from any IOS device.

Kombie allows users the creative freedom to create their own videos for all of their social media accounts. Registering for the app is very simple. You can use your Facebook account to register, or you can sign up using an email address. There is no verification process for registration. You can begin creating videos immediately after registering your account. Your account name resembles a twitter handle (Ex. @yourname). Once your account is created, you can go on to make a video clip, or “Kombie” video clip.

After registering for the application, a tutorial begins and walks you through the steps of how to create a video. The process begins by selecting a video clip from one of the Kombie playlists.  Topic lists include many subjects like: Latest, Top 100, and Funny. These lists feature video clips from all corners of the internet. These videos include popular memes, movie clips, and popular music videos, or television shows.

The next step is adding your own video clip. This clip can be uploaded from your device, or recorded on the spot, by using the in-app camera feature. Once you have added both videos, you can add details to your video. Editing your personal video is simple. By using the small scissor icon, located at the bottom of the screen, you can edit the video, or cut certain parts out. You can also edit your video by changing the coloration.



These features can be changed by using the paint bucket icon at the bottom of the screen. The filters vary from simple sepia tones, all the way to purple or blue tones. The Kombie clip cannot be edited. This issue was one thing that I think negatively impacts the application. Users have to let the video clip interact with their personal video clip without being able to alter the Kombie video at all.

The positive side of Kombie is that you can share your creation across multiple social media platforms. Once your video is created you can preview it and share it to your Kombie profile, your twitter page, your Instagram, and even your Facebook.

Run and Rock-it Kristie – Run and Jump to Release Rock N Roll

Looking for fun that’s back to basics and a new twist on platform gaming? Run and Rock-it Kristie is just the app for you. It features a young rocker who’s aiming to make it to the big leagues in the musical industry, and can only get there with your help.

Your job is to get Kristie through a maze of everyday, run of the mill, obstacles she might come across while walking the streets of her hometown in the middle of summer, while dashing through the brisk air of autumn, or sliding across snow-capped hills in the midst of winter.

This game is all about a rocker named Kristie. The game moves Kristie through a myriad of scenes full of animation and color. In summer, the game will move Kristie along the sidewalks of her town, in search of stars that help her reach her destiny. As she walks, or runs, along, there will be obstacles, like trash cans, ladders and boxes. You have make Kristie jump over these obstacles, allowing her to continue on her course.

Logistics of game play is simple. There is an icon of a shoe at the bottom left of the screen. You tap it, and Kristie jump. Tap several times together and she jumps and jumps and jumps, helping her reach a staircase landing that hugs the side of a building, which may help her reach the top of the next building. As she jumps and “flies,” she can also collect stars. Some stars are large and some are small. Collect them all to maximize your game playing options.

Run and Rock Kristie

Scenes that you get right off the bat are the summer scene. The fall and winter scenes remain locked until you collect enough stars. When Kristie finishes the end of a scene, you are rewarded with an amazing guitar solo, which change with every scene you play. However, within the summer scene, there are 10 different playing levels, to keep you busy.

If you can’t wait to score enough points to see other game playing options, you can always make an in-app purchase, an option that’s available from the main screen.

Other options allow a few simple adjustments to your playing experience, like music and sound controls. Outside of that, there are not many other things that you can change about the game. It doesn’t hook into Game Center, so good or bad, there is no competitive feature to this game.

This turns out to be a nice benefit for folks who are looking for a game that doesn’t kill off your player because you didn’t complete a level in time. Sometimes, games like those can be a turn off.

The only real downside to the game is that you don’t have access to the other scenes straight away, which would have been nice. Maybe offering just 5 levels across two scenes would draw in more subscribers.

Run and Rock-it Kristie is still a winner with what it does offer. A simple and fun game and lets you play as long as you want, without bounds!