GoingPlaces – Find Adventures with the Swipe of Your Fingertips

Everyone loves a great adventure. Finding out where to go and how to get there is the hard part. Now, you can easily discover your next destination with a simple swipe on your device.

Pinxter, Inc. has taken the resourcefulness of their TravelRedBook.com website and condensed it into an app you can download on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Introducing GoingPlaces.

Free for the asking, you simply register with the app and start discovering adventures through a myriad of colorful images and descriptions, cataloging the ones you find most intriguing for the future.

GoingPlaces brings travel magazines, brochures, and travel related shows all to you. All you have to do is get on board and start exploring. When you come to the main page for the first time, you’ll be asked to register as a newcomer. You can either register with an email address or you can use your Facebook account.

You will find yourself immersed in a series of interesting places to explore by swiping left. Swipe right and you can save those destinations that interest you the most. Those will be your favorites to come back to for future planning.

Social media app users will quickly catch on to GoingPlaces, delighting in the sights to see and enjoying the ease with which future vacations can be discovered and saved. We all have dreams about visiting different places, whether they be in your home state or halfway around the world. GoingPlaces brings those places to you, to make dreaming easier and to even give you some ideas you may never have come across.


Don’t think that the fun stops there, though. Once you become immersed in all the app has to offer, you’ll soon see that you will get to share you discoveries with others, post thoughts on what you think about the places, and hear what others have to say. You can even connect with folks who can help you plan on that next trip.

There is an area in the app called Inspiration that showcases places that may not be on your to-do list in the near future, but something to aspire towards. The Trending section offers up a boatload of places that are on everyone’s wish list, shared using feeds from folk’s phones.

The only small downside to the app is that you’ll occasionally come across a destination chock full of images and scenes that you just can’t get enough of, but you just don’t know where they are coming from. You’ll be asking yourself, “I want to go here!”, but you the “here” is not so obvious. It takes a bit of digging to find out where the destination is.

Eventually, you will find it, because it will be provided.

GoingPlaces is the perfect app for travelers who are always looking for that next great destination. You can only dream of so many places, and usually, those places are something that stem from a suggestion. GoingPlaces provides those stimulating suggestions, and more!

Peace of Mind – Online Experience Free from Clutter – and Safe!

Being online and linked-in is the norm these days, but if you are like many others who are wary of what others can see in terms of what you are doing, want to prevent outsiders from tracking this information and sending you stuff you just don’t need, you need protection from nosy data miners and relief from annoying ads.

That’s where Peace of Mind – Ad Blocker helps. This app not only makes your online experience less cluttered, but it affords you the assurance that the forces that plot to infiltrate your online domain simply cannot.

Ok, so it’s not meant to be a super fortress or anything; but, Peace of Mind works hard to help you enhance your internet experience by offering three different types of blockers:

  • Ad Blocker
  • Media Blocker
  • Privacy Blocker


The moment you download the app, which costs only $1.99, you will see how simple it is to use. The main page gives you full control of all types of settings that can be managed.

To start, you can define how strong of an ad blocker you want. Options include soft, medium, and hard. Choosing hard may mean you get no ads, so if you are ok with certain types of ads, medium may be better. Play around with this setting to see what works best for you.

Peace of Mind app

Next are the three types of blockers. You can turn them ON or OFF. There is also information for each, although, when I selected the info icon, the little ‘i’ in a circle, nothing happened. No expansion of information. No new screen with a description of the blocker or how to use it. I was expecting something to happen, and it did not.

Following the blocker settings is the WHITELIST. This allows you to permit certain ads and content to filter through your blocking. This way you can see what you want and make sure that it does not get blocked, no matter what blocking strength or setting you choose. Simply tap on the plus icon at the top right corner of the WHITELIST screen to add more members to this list.

Finally, there is an option to Update Blocker Lists, based on your updated WHITELIST and any updates you have made to the blocking strength and blocker choices.

At the very bottom there is a place for FEEDBACK, which also gives you a Tutorial on how to use the app, which was very useful.

As mentioned earlier, the only downside to the app is what seems to be additional information beside each of the blockers does not seem to work. I tried double tapping on them, single tapping, and swiping, but there was no additional information to be found. This may need a fix.

Outside of that, the minute I downloaded Peace of Mind, I felt at ease knowing that content I did not wish to see would now cease to invade my space, allowing me to freely move about my personal device app world without hindrance and with the comfort of knowing my actions and choices were not being monitored and recorded.