Fit the Picture – Puzzle Fun that’s More Than Meets the Eye

If you are looking for a game that does not frustrate or irritate or cause you to get addicted, but actually does some good, then download Fit the Picture today. It’s a jigsaw puzzle game that is easy at first, and increases in complexity if you so choose to attempt larger images, but keeps all puzzles available to anyone who wants to fix them. There are levels, but you are not barred from completing puzzles at higher levels simply because you did not complete the previous levels.

Fit the Picture is a collection of 750 images from nature. There are pictures of kittens, puppies, fields filled with flowers, mountains, and more. Each one actually is quite serene and most are very cute. It’s hard not to feel happy or just feel good when you see the finished images.

The app itself is very simple right now. I am sure there are more additions to come. An example is that the only item you can “configure” in Settings is the sound, which you can turn on/off. That’s it. You will also see a yellow coin at the top right corner, which represents the number coins you have earned. The app starts you off with 1000.

Since we are at the top of the screen, in the middle you will see a yellow star, within which is a number representing the number of puzzles you have completed. Another item in the app that makes you feel good.

Fit the Picture app icon

From the main menu, if you select Play, you will see a list of 15 levels of games. Each level will have 50 puzzles to complete. If you choose to start at Level 15, you can do so. It’s all about what you want to do, not what the app will allow you to do. Note that when you download the app, all of Level 1 games are already downloaded. If you move on to Level 15 for the very first time, the app will need to download those puzzles, so be sure to have good WiFi or data.

Each puzzle will show as a grid. At Level 1, the grid will have nine squares. Most of the picture will already be completed. You simply have to go and place the few missing pieces to make the picture complete. At Level 1 this will be super easy. What I liked about his was that it was kind of nice to accomplish something easily. It kind of gave me a boost to move on to more things in my day.

As you complete more puzzles you earn points. What you do with those point, I don’t know. I have not reached that far into the game to find out. But, what I do know is that you can jump right into the higher level puzzles whenever you want. The higher level puzzles increase in grid size, all the way up to 36 square grid, so while you think it will be easy, it may prove you wrong.

What I hope the creators will be able to fix is the movement and snapping of tiles in their place. I had difficulty dragging tiles and making them stick. Sometimes, even though I was right over the empty spot, it will stick just a hair off.

That aside, Fit the Picture was fun to play. I like things that do not incite frustration, and this game does the opposite.

WSOP Real Money Poker Nevada – Play and Win Big

Poker players rejoice. If your weekly game has shut down or if you just can’t get out to get into a game, then download WSOP Real Money Poker; it’s the app that bring the poker table to you, no matter where you are.

WSOP has a mobile app version of the online sensation. While there are several poker gaming apps for mobile devices, WSOP is different because you can play with real money, which means you can win real money!

Take note that you must be at least 21 years of age to play with real money and you must be in the state of Nevada. If you don’t meet either requirement, then you can play the games that run on in-game coins.

Before you start playing, be sure to set up an account on the online version of the game because logging into your account will be required on the mobile version.

For those of you who are concerned with security and privacy, especially if you plan on playing with real money, then be assured that WSOP has taken great pains to leverage encrypted protocols with strictest controls, preventing unwanted intrusions and hacking.

WSOP app

Now, let’s focus on the game itself. WSOP has tournaments that you can join. They are grouped by different categories. There are Cash Games, Sit & Go Games and Scheduled Tournaments. In each category, you can choose to play with real money or with in-app gaming money. Experts can dive right in and play with real cash. If you are not an expert or if you simply want to try out the game before making a real commitment, I would highly recommend playing with the gaming money first. More practice is always better before you put your hard earned money on the line.

You can browse the different gaming categories to see which games interest you the most. If you find one that you like and if it needs additional players, then the next step to take is register. This is where you will have to put up the minimum ante. You will also see other game stats like:

  • the total number of players allowed in the game
  • the number of spots remaining
  • the starting dollar amount for chips
  • the average stack
  • the current blinds
  • the next blinds level


All of this information will help you determine if you really want to get in on a game. If you know your poker well, using this data to determine whether you are in or out can mean the difference between winning big or losing.

What really makes WSOP true to life is the sound effects and the layout; they make you feel like you are seated at the table and amongst friends for a Friday night game.

The only downside is that at times you may have difficulty joining a game, so it would be nice to have more games going on.

For the most part, it was easy enough to find a game to enjoy it. I will definitely stick with in-game money for a little while longer, but look forward to some big winnings when I make the switch to real cash.

PaperSpan – Read When It’s Convenient For You

We don’t always have the convenience to read content on a site that a friend suggested we look into. Sometimes, you just don’t have the bandwidth in term of being able to download the doc and read it; or, you simply don’t have the time.

If you find yourself in such situations, then PaperSpan may be the solution.

PaperSpan allows you to save web content for a later time, so that when you have the time, you can simply pull up your content, online or off, and read to your heart’s content. I found a great use of the app to be when I was catching the commuter rail between cities. I would find everything that I wanted to review or read during my trip, download it using PaperSpan and then pull it up effortlessly and without any bumps, so I could read it without interruptions or bad connections.

The download it for free and works on both mobile and desktop devices, so you can setup your reading materials from wherever, and read from wherever.

The app itself boasts a very clean, almost zenlike, design, which is what really got me interested. I’m already going to be filtering through a lot of reading content; I don’t want the app that gets me there to be as congested.

Each page you save becomes an item in PaperSpan. These saved pages can be sorted based on your preferences and then later searched for. Searches are incredibly easy and straightforward. If you are tired and don’t feel like reading, use your earplugs and set the consumption mode to Text to Speech. PaperSpan will read the content to you.

What is really cool, and this is especially for night owls, is the ability to set the app to night mode, so that the display is not as bright. If you own a Kindle, and prefer reading from that device, PaperSpan allows you to send saved content to your Kindle.

For folks who are reading and reviewing articles and want to make notes as they go along, PaperSpan supports that, as well. What is really cool are the controls that make reading very easy. There is Auto Scroll, a text only view (so pictures don’t get in the way), the ability to change the font size and style to meet your needs, and a Zoom.

If you really like something you just read, you can share it with others through the standard social media outlets: SMS, Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

What is most important is that the developer is always looking to improve the app, so updates ensure easier readability and a more enriched experience.

What I would like to see sometime in the future is the ability to print content and share a hardcopy. Not earth friendly, I know, but sometimes you need to do it.

Until then, I will continue to maximize my reading experience by finding, saving and reading through PaperSpan. It’s like having a DVR for web content!