Clip&Go – Movie Making in the Moment

It’s so easy to grab your phone and start capturing those magical moments whenever you want. The real work comes when you’re ready to send the final result. Movie making is not an easy task, and let’s face it, how many of us rush home after being out, taking hours of video, to assemble and edit our masterpieces?

If you are like me, you know all too well that the time for that just does not exist. Enter Clip&Go. Clip&Go is your handy dandy app that lets you make even more magic with your movies.

The app is available for just $1.99 and you can download it on your device of choice: iPhone, iPod, or iPad. For such a small price, you get a boatload of functionality that lets you spruce up your clips in the moment and send it off. No more waiting or postponing!


With a sleek interface and options that are easy to find, users can quickly upload video clips and perform all sorts of functions:

  • ARRANGE: move your clips around in any order you wish, to create the finish product you want
  • EDIT: easily trim and crop video frames so you can take out what you don’t want and zoom in on what’s important
  • MUSIC: the app allows you to easily add background music, so your video offers something on a couple of levels. Select from your collections of audio pieces from your iTunes library or use the app’s built in tracks

When you are done editing and finalizing your video and are ready to ship it, there are several options that allow you to make it pretty:

  • FORMATS: you can choose from different formatting options on how you want your video to look. It can be square, portrait, or landscape. I really like this option because it let me focus in on my subject and filter out extraneous subjects.
  • EXPORT: if you are not quite ready to send – like your recipient is on the other side of the world and you don’t want to wake them – you can save the video to your device and send later.
  • VIEW: you can view it instantaneously – no waiting until you get home and edit

I have to return to the interface once more because it was the one thing that really stuck out for me, making the usage of this app monumentally easy. I really liked how the app structured the video clips in a sleek timeline design, so you could easily order and move your clips around to get maximum effect.

When navigating around the app, the gestures required are quite natural. With other apps I find myself tapping when swiping is required, or swiping when a double tap is required. This app was designed to fit how anyone would assume a gesture should be made to perform the function intended.

Finally, I really liked that I did not have to hunt for setting. Many apps force you to do this, but not Clip&Go. These controls are easily accessible so you can change settings on the fly.

I would only change one thing in the app and that is to possibly make it less cluttered by toning down the colors a bit in the app controls. There seems to be a lot of color and busyness on the screen, which is a good thing because all the controls are right there, but maybe making the color scheme more monotone or just choose two or three colors may create calmer screen.

Clip&Go is a must download if you are a video junkie and love to send out creative clips. Don’t waste another minute of waiting to edit videos, do it in the moment!