Secure Supremacy and Win Guild Wars in Final Chronicle

Bored of your gaming selection and looking for something different? Look no further – Playmage has created a JRPG that will blow your mind. Most class RPG games that feature top quality graphics and animation are hard to find, for free at least. You have to pay for what you, and that’s fair.

Playmage has created something for everyone in Final Chronicle, taking a classic game reminiscent of Playstation gaming quality and placing it in the palm of your hand. Final Chronicle is the mobile version and runs on both iPhone and iPad, provided you have iOS 6.0 or newer.

Final Chronicle is the fourth creation offered by Playmage, who has given us several popular gaming apps, so it’s no surprise that it’s a huge hit. I was mesmerized by the quality of the animation, which is usually my focus. I also found the graphics and movements to be on target and accurate. Oftentimes free games just don’t have the correct mechanics, but Playmage has done an excellent job.

The game itself centers around role play, and who doesn’t need that. You are immersed in a fantasy world in which you must defend your existence against a myriad of destructors. The epic story is partitioned into six chapters. You take on a role as a hero or heroine, adorned in finery and vicious war gear, armed to the hilt.

You will partake in battles and quests. You will have puzzles to solve and traps to outsmart. The challenges abound aplenty in this game, keeping energy levels high and entertainment value maximized. I have never experienced so much energy in a game before, and there is no way to get bored, ever, because there is always something different to do.

Some more elements to the game that are noteworthy include:

  • A variety of options – there are several skill levels to play, weaponry to choose from, enemies to outsmart and fight, and quests to complete. Quests will result in the discovery of hidden treasure that you can in turn use to beef up your strength.
  • New types of adventures – defeat evil raid bosses and save fairy pets; invite friends to play and engage in Guild Wars.
  • Player vs Player games, where you can battle individuals and secure supremacy
  • Prizes galore – each battle offers a new type of prize and there are daily winnings; this was the really cool part

I found it a bit difficult to move from chapter to chapter, taking longer than in most games. It could be a deterrent for some to just close shop and stop playing, so maybe making movement between the first two chapters will keep gamers hooked longer.

Other than that, Final Chronicle is an unexpected surprise in the world of RPG, because for something that costs nothing, you get a treasure trove of entertainment! This game is also available on Android.