Train Your Brain With Lucid Hangout

At first glance, the neon bar lights make you wonder what kind of app this is- Is this a pool app? Maybe, it’s a card one? But, the letters spell out “Lucid Hangout”, and it’s actually a brain training app.

A black brick wall is your background, and before that is the menu screen that has four main buttons. The play button takes you to a neon purple, 3×3 grid; and the instructions to your first brain exercise is jittering around. The instructions can be kind of vague for the first exercise, and it might take one a few tries to really get what is going on. All you really have to go on is- “Spotlight match: Touch left; Audio match: Touch right”.

Touching the screen to start allows you to hear a female robotic voice that is mentioning alphabet letters. In conjunction with this voice, a spotlight will be flashing on different boxes inside the grid. It might just be a little overwhelming, but that is why tutorials for different levels are provided.


Going back to the menu and pressing on the a “graduation hat” button will take you into the tutorial sessions. Now one can understand that you gain brain points by tapping on the screen when the spotlight shines in the same spot as it did previously. So what about that robotic voice then? If you hear the audio repeat the same alphabet as it did previously, you also tap the screen and add to your points.
Now knowing exactly what to do, the intense concentration begins. While closely following the spotlight, you are listening to the audio and you are trying to remember what you hear- and so the brain training is in full swing. To progress to the second level you must reach above 80% or higher. In level two, you must try to keep track of the alphabet you heard two turns back, the same with the moving spotlight. More of your concentration and memory retention is required with each level.


The minimalist design aids your focus. The graphics are neon-bright and the dark background allows this to stand out.
As mentioned above, the instructions are vague, but the tutorial levels will definitely help any confused individual.
The game sounds are futuristic and clear.
At the corner of your screen, little ear and eye buttons indicate on which side of the screen you should tap if you have a spotlight or audio match.
At the end of each of your tries you will see your score and average, you will also be encouraged to continue trying and playing for 20 minutes a day.
Even though the game just gets tougher, it promises to strengthen your memory, improve your fluid intelligence, and even improve your IQ.
With a resume button you can easily pick up where you left off.
The last of the four menu buttons keeps track of all your level scores.
There are no advertisements in this app, which only adds to full concentration.
To get access to all the levels you will have to purchase the full app.

While it may not be the easiest to get into, Lucid Hangout: Brain Training is a great app to pick up and play when your mind is feeling