Moonlight – The Ultimate Camping Toolkit

Camping is fun, but it’s not easy. What’s worse is planning for it. Now, you don’t have to cringe the next time someone says, “Let’s go camping!”

Download Moonlight – Camping and see why. This app is the first one I have ever seen that caters to campers everywhere. It takes the concept of packing list and makes it better with organizational tools and suggestions to help you plan and prep for your excursion into the outdoors.

Lots of things are needed when plan on living with nature. You have to replace your bed, your kitchen, and your entertainment sources with whatever you can pack and take with you. Moonlight helps you makes lists and ensure that you have everything you’ll need to make it possible and comfortable.

An easy and free download, the app is laid out perfectly so you can easily find and use what you need.


I was highly impressed with its features:

  • TRIP DETAILS – allows you enter and share information about the camping trip, like reservations, dates, location, so all parties involved are in the know
  • MEAL PLANS – this one blew me away. You can go to this screen and figure out the menu for every day. The app even has recipes in the Premium version, so you can easily make your grocery shopping list, and then use the recipes during the trip.
  • ACTIVITY PLANNER – I’m not sure how you would not know what to do on a camping trip, but if you like things a bit organized, so there are no surprises, this feature allows you to map out activities for the entire trip or just for a few items here and there.
  • CHECKLISTS – build, manage and use the lists so you don’t leave anything behind. Because the app allows you to collaborate fellow members of your camping party, you can get instantaneous feedback. Lists can also be exported to fellow campers, so everyone can share in the shopping.
  • WEATHER – get forecasts so you can pack for inclement weather or plan hikes accordingly.
  • OFFLINE MODE – if you have everything built up and ready to go, you can access your lists, menus, recipes, etc. you’ve downloaded into your Trip even if you don’t have internet access – the app stores it on the device.

What really blew me away was that the app even had entertainment available in the Premium version. I found stories to read by the campfire and games to play. If all your campers have the app downloaded, there are interactive games that can engage the entire party!

Are you worried about who will do what during the trip? Have no fear, because the app allows you to assign duties to everyone. Once you get everyone hooked into the trip you have set up, they can see what they have been assigned, and there is no way that anyone can say, “I didn’t know I had to do that!”

I really couldn’t find anything I did not like about this app. It is absolutely amazing. It even gave me ideas that I never would have considered on a camping trip. What would be cool is the ability to send a checklist directly to a printer.

With feature-rich functionality, Moonlight is a definite download for camping experts to first timers. It can guide you where you need help and let you run loose when you know exactly what you are doing. Try out the free version and then upgrade to the premium when you are ready.