Motor Sport Racing – Join the High Speed Fun

Truly ­­­­­international by nature, Motor Sport Racing is the app to have if you love racing performance cars. Available in over 20 different languages, folks from all over can download and join the high speed fun. Gamers who love the adrenaline, but may never have the chance to actually drive a Formula One or any other type of performance car, this app easily transports you to the race track, so you can experience it virtually.

Note that the app is not set up in a way that lets you physically feel you are in the driver’s seat, perspective wise, however, you do get to choose your race car and you do steer it using touch or tilt. What makes this game very unique from other racing apps is the battles that ensue as you race.

Yes, you will be up against other racers vying for the finish line first, and the cherished Gold Cup. To get there, you will be forced to contend with several obstacles, which include fellow racers, bullets, and rockets, to name a few. To be fair, you will also be armed with Weapons, so you will be able to defend yourself, or even strike out offensively to clear your path.

The screen is well laid out and easy to navigate. The neat thing about the app is the option to command your car by either tapping the screen or by tilting your device, be it iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. As you play the game, you will race through different worlds as you reach milestones and win races. The app offers six different worlds, keeping the game fresh and new at every turn.

There is also the option to play in Arcade mode or Championship mode, each having five difficulty levels. Variety abounds in the app, with 30 tracks to choose from; you will never get bored, and you will always be challenged.

Motor Sport Racing

More unique features include:

  • Realistic audio, so you feel as if you are in a racecar, surrounded by other cars
  • Worlds include: various fields, the Far East, the World of Iceman, Candy Sugar World, World of the Hells, and Beaches of Hawaii
  • Day and night mode – night mode is called Dark Mode
  • Auto gas fill – no need to worry about pit stops
  • Multiplay support through Bluetooth
  • Car customization – build your own race car, or upload an image

What’s really neat is the display that is colorful, clear, and crisp, without being too complicated, making game play easier and straightforward. Oftentimes, apps like to make the graphics look so close to reality that you get caught up with the images and graphics and lose out on the game. Not the case with this game!

The only thing I could see being improved is the sensitivity with which the car moves when controlled in tilt mode. It may just be me, and of course precision with these types of movements is difficult, but it would help.

Motor Sport Racing is a must download if you like racing cars and are looking for a game that combines competition with the thrill of the race. Get it today!