Omni Remover Keeps Your Mac Humming Smoothly

When your car’s engine collects buildup, it doesn’t pick up like it used to. When scissors get sticky, they don’t cut. When things get overloaded with junk, they don’t work like they are supposed to. The same goes with your Mac. Overload it with too much stuff, and it won’t deliver as it should.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Mac’s are amazing. But, you can only keep so much on a Mac before you start to see deterioration in performance. It can happen to even the top of the line model.

So, how do you keep your Mac clean? You download Omni Remover and let it do its magic.

It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s fast. It works hand in hand with your Mac to make sure you don’t keep apps and files that you don’t need. There is always lots of junk that gets downloaded when you visit sites, install apps or when you download files to view them. When you decide you don’t need those files or apps, there are other things that were downloaded besides those files that you should get rid of, but you just don’t know about them.

Omni Remover

Omni Remover makes it easy to get rid of stubborn apps. Most apps should get removed from your machine when you select “uninstall” or “delete.” The question is how many files are really being removed from your machine, or has only the icon been deleted?

Omni Remover makes sure everything related to the app is removed, so your machine is free and clear of all remnants, clearing it up for more important things.

If you just need to get a rogue app back to square one because it has started to misbehave, Omni Remover can do that, too. It will investigate what is wrong with the app, will remove the bad stuff, and will get you back up and running.

Omni Remover is also very helpful in keeping your Mac running smoothly by removing widgets and plugins you may not need anymore. These are items that sit in the background and use up valuable processing power. If there are widgets or dashboards that you just don’t look at or use, then Omni Remover can bring attention to them and let you decide whether or not to keep them.

What I really liked was the ability to run a cleaner app regularly. I was able to set how often I wanted it to run and at what time, so I knew that things were getting cleaned up, preventing any backup and buildups.

If there were one thing I would wish for from the app it would be to setup up some automatic reporting so I knew what was being marked for destruction before it was removed from my machine.

Omni Remover is still great nonetheless! It has made my Mac run a little smoother by removing things I don’t need and by helping me get rid of apps that I don’t use.