pickWEB for Android – Information on Your Hand

Are you tired of browsing through umpteen websites before you find the exact information you are looking for? Is your quest for correct information taking ages and resulting in losses? After all, in today’s fast paced world, time often means money and timely information can sometimes make all the difference. However, the search engines often return results in the form of thousands of websites offering the information with no way of knowing which one to trust and this ends up confusing you even more with the information overload. This is where pickWEB can come to your rescue. This app does the trick by finding the required information quicker and more accurately. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

The application creates a directory that collects the most interesting and trustworthy websites from the internet and presents them to you in a format that is easy to understand and use even for someone new to the application. All you need is a computer or a smart phone and you are ready to go! pickWEB lets you select the required categories and then displays websites that have the most number of hits in that category. There are over 18 major categories with multiple subcategories that help you in narrowing down your search further.

To use this application, you only need to have an android device and a need to search the internet. You won’t need any special training. It comes with plenty of features to enhance productivity so you can almost rest assured of getting the last laugh.



  • Simple visual outlay of links, sections and sub-sections in the directory allowing quick sorting of information.
  • Manual link selection as opposed to an automated one. This adds the human touch that’s so missing in your regular search engines.
  • Regular updating of the website directory to accommodate new information, websites and related links.
  • Domain specific sorting of links to further save time for you.
  • Links directory sorted by country for user convenience.
  • Multilingual interface for the application user.

Unique Functionalities

The application has functionalities that enhance the overall user experience:

  • Favorites Folder – Once you register with the app using your e-mail ID, it allows you to add or remove links to required websites locally. This saves you the time lost in looking for the website link again when you come back to the application after having used it once.
  • Most Viewed Folder – As the name suggests, it shows the websites from the directory that are visited most often by the user and saves you the hassle of finding the site every time you access the app. 



  • Accurate and reliable information available in seconds, saving precious time.
  • Website browsing organized in alphabetical order or by number of hits.
  • Fast access to popular links and sections.
  • Allows country specific browsing for a more focused search.
  • Easily manageable personal account controls for saving links, changing language and country.
  • Allows user to add their favorite links to pickWEB. 



  • The user interface, though easy to use, is a little outdated and could be improved upon. 

In short, pickWEB for Android is a useful application for the frustrated web user struggling to find the right source of information in a limited period of time.