Plane Insane Multiplayer – Propel a Plane Through an Obstacle Course

Calling all pilots who love a simple game of flying planes and dodging obstacles that get in the way on a flight path towards the finish line. Plane Insane Multiplayer is a fun side-scrolling app that has players tapping away at the screen to strategically pop their plane up a notch to keep it sailing across the screen. The game is simple, but fun all the same. Geared more for kids, it can entertain adults equally as well. The download is free and works well on both the iPhone and iPad, but requires iOS 6.0 or later.

When you first download the app, you will see the main screen. First time downloads take time to initiate, so you will need some patience before gameplay begins. As soon as the game is loaded and engaged, you will have a choice of playing as a single player or joining a multiplayer game. The single player mode can be selected by choosing the red button on the left, while multiplayer mode is chosen by the green button on the right.

On my initial few tries of the game, I continually hit the main menu icon on the very bottom left to see if there were any instructions, tutorials, or helpful videos; however, there were none. I suppose this is rightfully so, because the app is very simple, and all it takes is just some practice to master the moves.

Plane Insane

When playing multiplayer mode, you fly around with other players who command their own plane. If you are on Wi-Fi and there are other players around that are in the game space, then you can play with them, as long as they are on the same network and are “logged in” to the game with some identifiable name. This way you can recognize who you are playing against. If there are no local players, the app finds and generates players for you. In this mode, not only are you dodging stacks of wooden toy cubes, you must also be aware of other planes, careful not to crash into them. You are also in a race against them towards the finish line. In single player mode, you are the only plane flying, so the game becomes simpler, and you only have the cubes to avoid.

One tricky thing to master was controlling the plane with just taps. I would say I became a bit tired after tapping away, and a bit frustrated after not knowing how often to tap and where to tap. This game requires a great deal of trial and error before a comfort level is reached. The other tricky thing to get used to is the disjointedness with which the planes bops up and down. It is not a smooth flight, so thank goodness it is not a 4-D experience where you would be feeling the turbulence! 

Simple enough to keep young children engaged and possibly entertained, Plane Insane Multiplayer will keep kiddos busy in times of lull that never seem to end.