App Lets Kids Search for Ruff’s Bone While they Learn to Read

Books can be tons of fun, but in this day and age, kids are looking for instantaneous gratification in just about everything they do. Reading a book may be fine for some, but for most, they need more stimulation.

That’s where the folks at Wanderful have come to the rescue. Ruff’s Bone is actually a children’s book written by Oscar-nominated Eli Noyes. This app has taken that delightful dog, who is the star of this book, and has brought him to life.

The app is a creative take on apps that teaches kids how to read. It offers two options: kids can have the story read to them, or they can read it on their own. Well, they are really not fully on their own, because they can also tap on words to hear them sounded out.

But the educational aspects of this app do not stop there. Parents and teachers alike can delve deep into the teaching tips and resources offered by the app. These can be found from the Options menu, which is accessible from the main page.

The tips include:

  • Playing with individual words, so kids focus and learn them
  • Find hidden objects – search for Ruff’s Bone, it’s hidden on one of the pages
  • Encourage exploration with your child

The teaching resources offers previews of a full assortment of classroom activities and exercises that expound from the app bringing more emphasis and practice to what is offered in the app.

To obtain access to the full resource, which includes 66 pages of Classroom Activities, you will need to make an in app purchase of $2.99. A small price to pay for a treasure trove of educational value. Your kids will get so much out of the app with activities that they can do on their own or in groups.

Another nice feature of the app is the ability to use it in English or Spanish. Spanish speakers can use it to learn English, and English speakers can use it to learn Spanish. Learning a language through a fun activity is one of the best ways to master it.

Ruff’s Bone is super easy to use. Navigation is straightforward and self-explanatory. Kids will get a kick out of seeing their favorite character now animated and bringing his story to life.

One thing that needs fixing, and this may only be on the iPhone, is the display for the teacher resources. The wording was jumbled up a bit, with some lines overlapping others.  They may not be an issue on larger devices, but it sure would be nice to have this fixed on the iPhone.

I look forward to that fix, but until then, I am going to allow the app keep my kids busy while they explore the written word and learn more as they listen and explore. I enjoy watching my kids flip through the pages, have fun and learn to read, all at the same time!