Run & Gun: Banditos – Blazin’ Bandits on a Mission

Run & Gun: Banditos by Ludus Studio is a swipe-tap action game. On a “wanted-style” poster, you start off with your first trigger-happy Bandito- Gonzalez. Shots are being fired, the Mariachi band is in full force, and a fiery mood is set.

The start button is green for go, and your Bandito is transported somewhere dusty and dangerous. Gonzalez has to retrieve his treasure that you immediately see being taken away by a rascal-looking skeleton. This is where the swiping starts- you must closely follow the treasure thief to collect fallen coins and gold chests, all while keeping an eye on the lanes and avoiding the obstacles in your path.

Players will soon find out that the skeleton scoundrel does not work alone- his amigos can be spotted in the cliffs! The tapping begins here as your Bandito must shoot to survive as enemy skeletons will be shooting back viciously.

Arrows help to swiftly terminate your enemies, and combos are received for a job well done. After taking out enough enemies you receive a “buddy parrot” to help you get the job done even faster.

Along the way you can find useful power-ups, for example, a shield to absorb the enemy’s fire and health boosts. When you pause the game you will find a little task list with mini-missions, like shooting 20 enemies in a single run. After checking off your tasks you will be rewarded handsomely.

Another interesting pick-up item is a chilli, this will allow you to resume the game where your Bandito has fallen to continue his rampage.

By following your stolen treasure all the way to the end of the level you will then have to face a wall of enemies.

The graphics are vivid, and the characters are exuberant. Run and Gun: Banditos, definitely has an inviting, user-friendly landing screen. For avid gamers, it could be described as a more exciting “Temple Run”.

Objectives, distance rewards, and achievements are tracked in the home menu, and this encourages continued gameplay. Here, you can also purchase upgrades with the coins you collect. A compass to automatically avoid six obstacles is an example of an upgrade you can purchase for 500 coins.

For some, the most exciting feature will be that you can unlock new Banditos!

The shooting feature is done really well- you have unlimited ammo (thank goodness!) and you can start shooting into the distance where an enemy lies.

When your game is over you can see how many coins you have collected, your distance travelled, experienced gained, and your best score. After your Bandito’s experience bar has been filled, he will level up. This means that your score multiplier is increased and you are rewarded a bonus item. The bonus item is a booster that you can activate at the beginning of a new game.

The game is a free-to-play one, but it does contain in-app purchases and advertisements.

The game could make a player wish that he always had two available hands to play with, one to shoot and one to swipe, but that is the only drawback. Beside this, the game is smooth to play with no lag whatsoever.

The music, graphics, and effortless bang-bang gameplay ensures that you and your Bandito are having a truly Wild-West experience. An electric time is guaranteed for players who are willing to be a little rough and lawless! This game is available on iOS, Android and Windows.