Spree Pop – A Single Pop to Keep You Hooked

If you are an ardent mobile gamer who values quality pass times, Spree Pop is built with you in mind. Personally, I liked all the games aspects, except for one minor drawback. Aside from the minor gripe, the game offers clean, eye-catching visuals and excellent sound effects that exemplify its addictive gameplay.

 The simple arcade shooter themed game is pleasingly easy to play and difficult to put down. Its nice concept is complemented by the neat design that offers a sure way to keep you hooked for hours. If you are yet to download the game, read our review for all the details about this iPhone app.

Spree Pop’s game concept is borrowed from the Space Invaders games. It’s a simple game where you navigate a self-flying spaceship, destroying monsters to collect maximum points. Of course, like Space Invader you don’t have to fixate too much on shooting, you must also stay buoyant and avoid crashing to death to claim the top prize.

The game is seemingly too simplistic, and the challenge might not be pleasing to some players, but personally, I like the games idea. The aim is to stay on the right flight path and destroy all enemies starting with the weakest. The enemies are red-eyed monsters called sprees. The sprees keep poping hence the name Spree pop. They come in steady waves, and the onus is to destroy them all to keep your path clear.

Spree Pop

The sprees or monsters are labeled with different numbers. The numbers designate the health they have and also indicate the amount of time you require to destroy them. Some of the monsters carry tanks, and when you destroy them, you grab these tanks to upgrade your intensity. The upgrade may mean improving the speed or power of firing. The highlight of this game is destroying the sprees and enjoying the scene as they explode like fireworks in the darkest night.

Spree Pop provides an intuitive one-touch control which makes it easy to play the game. The spaceship is self-flying and controlling it is as easy as sliding your finger along the screen. The shooting is done for you, and your task is to select the flight path and direct the ammunition to the monsters. However, it takes some skills to shoot the lower numbered monsters to keep flying without crashing to death.

What I love most about spree Pop is its simplistic nature and easy to follow rules. The game is truly exciting with excellent soundtracks that ensure you are not bored. Also, I found the clean and colorful visuals more enticing as they filled the gameplay with fun and made it addictive. It also easy to navigate the self-flying ship which means it’s easy to play the game right away.

Although Spree Pop offers plenty of positives, there is one drawback. The game is ads supported and the distractingly large banners displayed at the bottom of the screen can be annoying. However, this is well taken care of, and with just $1.99 you can remove the ads to keep the party going without disruptions.

If you are a budget conscious mobile gamer, you can try Spree Pop. The game is offered for free and is available for download on App Store. Barring its ads support, the game has all the qualities of a reliable app.