Tangram Browser for Smartphones

More than computer desk tops or laptops, people rely on their smart phones for internet browsing. Browsing internet through mobile phones have become a phenomena because it has given us the liberty to browse and surf about anything, anywhere at any time. 24 *7 connectivity with a handy device makes the mobile phone an indispensable tool for internet browsing.

In past, it was just an internet explorer that we used on our computers without worrying about any compatibility issues, but with advancement of technology and new devices, it becomes important to choose the appropriate application for your device. Not all the browsers will work efficiently on every device. There’s altogether a different market for internet browsers that are designed specifically to work on mobile phones and android. Of all these browsers available, Tangram stands out as one of the best option for effective and seamless browsing experience. It is the most advanced application of the time that allows maximum productivity in minimum time with the help of its browsing tools.

Tangram comes with latest technological features and benefits that promise a smooth and uncomplicated browsing function. Using its fast SWIPE action, it becomes easy to do multi-tasking quickly without losing any work. A lot can be done in a jiffy by just swiping across like exploring multiple sites, adding bookmarks, taking and saving notes for future references, saving images, adding websites to the reading lists  (so you can directly open the reading list later to read the pages you want to reach in specific).  This and many more functions can be performed with Tangram as it comes with SPAAS (SeeK, process, Analyse  &  store) system  that ensures smooth and hassle-free work and even analyses the browsing sessions to optimize the usage for the user.

Tangram screenshot

One of the best features, that Tangram offers is the flexibility to halt & re-start the work without any data loss or session loss. It allows the user to stop in the middle of a session anytime, and to re-start from where it was left with no loss of data or work. Another amazing feature of Tangram is the FAB button which allows the user to perform a multiple- query search with just one click. So you can search for multiple URLs by just clicking on FAB. Now, that makes the search function real quick and easy for the user.

Summarizing the benefits and features of this browser for a quick glance:

. Compatible with all Android phones.

. SWIPE action, that allows you to toggle freely between different websites and links.

. Analytical abilities of the browser, helps it to search the best options for your work.

. Lets you halt and re-start a work session without losing any data. Therefore,  the user can simply re-start the session from where he had left.

. Allows multiple-query searches to be conducted with its FAB button. Various URLs can be searched upon by just pressing FAB, and these URLs are grouped separately without any mess.

. The user is able to save links in the bookmark section or can even save the entire session into a folder.

. One can easily shuffle between tabs, can even have those tabs save in different folders or change the order of the tabs to have it stacked priority wise.

Tangram is a must-have for all those professionals who want quick and seamless browsing sessions and amazing browsing tools to enhance the productivity. With the kind of features this application offers, it certainly has an edge over the other ANDROID browsers at the moment.