Updown Fitness – Physical Trainer that’s Portable and Practical

Who has time to visit the gym and attend training session laid out by a trainer? Not only is it time consuming, it can get expensive. If you need the benefits you get from a trainer, but want it on your own time, then you need to download Updown.

Updown Fitness is an app that not only monitors your activity; it helps guide your exercise regimen so you maximize your results.

Download it on your iPhone or iPad and, voila, you have a personal training at your fingertips. And this trainer is like no other. This trainer will provide a program and guidance that a real personal trainer could never provide.

What’s really great about this app is that you feed it information about you, and it provides you with exercises and a program that fits your schedule, your fitness level, and what’s more exciting is that it adjusts to your fitness level as you progress.

It stays on par with what you need to stay challenged and to keep fit.

After downloading the app, you will be asked to register, which you can do now or later. Next, you will enter data about you. This means your weight, height, exercise habits, your availability, etc. The app will take all of this data and will design a schedule and exercise program that will get you started, not turn you off.

On the General Workout screen, you can choose a category of exercises. Your program will tell you what to do, so you just select that. Categories include: Core, Cross, Strength, and Stretch.

If you want to do a workout outside of your prescribed program, you can do that as well. Who doesn’t an extra stretch now and then?

After you select a category, the app asks if you for options specific to that category. For instance, if you are going to do stretches, did you want to focus on the Neck and Shoulders, the Forearms, or the Full Body?

After that, you punch in how long of a workout you can fit in and what the intensity should be.

Press GO and that’s it. The app will narrate what you need to do, and there will also be animations that show how to do it.

I really looked forward to working out using Updown. I have never felt more in control before. I used to drag my feet when it came to exercising, but Updown Fitness makes it so much easier.

The only thing I would change about the app is try to make the interface a bit cleaner. Right now, there is a lot happening on the screen, and it can take some time to filter through it.

But for now, I love using this app and I have noticed a big difference in how often I get the exercise that I need.