Explore the Milkyway with Walkr

Have you ever wondered how a trip to space which scientists believe and have proven is limitless and boundless would look like? Have you ever wanted to explore the Milky Way galaxy with its over one hundred billion stars? This amazing game offers you the opportunity to travel to space without being an astronaut working with the America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is popularly known and referred to as NASA or working with the space program of the People’s Republic of China.

Get set to conquer outer space and interact with aliens with this adventurously educating and entertaining game which seeks to bring the space experience to your mobile phone, this mobile game allows you to discover planets with your own spaceship which is powered by the footsteps you take while your phone is with you meaning the more you trek or walk the more fuel your spaceship gets and make them habitable using various resources like the over twenty five different plant species you can use to build your planet, you can also visit planets and other galaxies discovered by your friends while they can also visit yours too. Sounds complicating right? As complicating and complex the game appears it is worthy to note that the game is simple and very easy to navigate even kids and young adults with little or no knowledge of space would find it easy to use.


The over twenty five discoverable planets namely Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more are uniquely different from each other, kudos to the games developers here, the game would be boring and wacky if the planets and aliens living there were all of the same stock and features. The game’s graphics coupled with its simplicity is one of its forte and selling points.

However, as beautiful and exciting as the game is there is a need for notifications to show quickly as soon as missions are completed or as soon as there is a need for it while playing the game one realizes that notifications are delayed whether it was deliberately made to be so or not it would increase the game’s appeal if notifications came quickly as fast as they are needed.

Gameplay: You play the game as an eleven year old genius that invented a spacecraft powered and fuelled by footsteps I really wish humans can reach this level of technological advancement in the real world, the game is played on a single player mode but you can also go social by visiting other planets discovered by your friends, you can jump in an epic, join a fleet, and start an adventure with other captains. Complete missions to lead them to the right planets and build a happy galaxy and while at it unlock over forty achievements wear it like a badge of honour and be proud of it.

Free to play: The game is completely free to download and play, you do not have to worry about data or Wi-Fi connection before you enjoy the trip to space and start colonizing aliens

It allows for customization: Walkr allows you to customize your galaxy to your own taste and help you devise means you deem fit to increase the population of the inhabitants of the planets.