Who’s The Boss – New Job? Know What You’re Getting Into

Changing jobs these days is considered the norm, but consider the old saying that “the grass is always greener” elsewhere. We sometimes find ourselves changing jobs because we are unhappy. What lies outside our current employment could be better, it could be worse. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you are getting into when you go for those job interviews, or even consider a role at a certain company.

Now you can. Who’s The Boss is an app that is powered by the people who want to share their experiences at various companies, to make sure that people know the character of workers that they may be working with. Now, keep in mind this app is only as powerful as the input it receives, so if you are looking at a company whose employees have not engaged with the app, there may be little data to go off of.

To start, the app is a free download. Secondly, it mimics that all too famous sites that college student have been using for I don’t know how long to “grade” their professors. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am too old to have experienced such a valuable tool. My kids have, and have used it profusely when choosing which session to register for, just avoid a really bad professor or even to go after one that’s really good.

Back to Who’s The Boss, this app “grades” people at a company. They may be managers, they may be individual contributors. Either way, it’s valuable information. If you know of the manager you’ll be interviewing with or working for, you can try and look up their team members to see if the team is a good fit for you based on the temperaments of each member.

Who's The Boss screenshot

If you have great things to say about people you work with, share it. There is no better way to give back to the app and to others.

Moving around the app is super easy. You can search by People or by Companies. Once you get to the People page, you can search for a particular person and then read the comments left by others. The People page also gives a synopsis of the total number of reviews left and the breakdown of good versus bad.

Companies lists employees who have been added and you can browse around in there. You also get the company address, as well.

I think it would be nice to provide links into LinkedIn for folks who wanted to provide information about themselves.

I found the app to be extremely easy to use and very informative. Sometimes you just don’t know what you may be getting yourself into, and asking people who already work there may put them in an awkward position. Who’s The Boss lets you learn more anonymously, without offending.