Atmosflares – Gaming in Outerspace

Atmosflares takes place on the eight planets of earth’s solar system and the moons of these planets. Anyone could play this game because the concept is simple. The player can choose between two modes: survival mode and career mode. The goal of survival mode is to progress through as many levels as possible without stopping. But be sure to score enough points in time otherwise the game ends. Play career mode and unlock different levels and powers along the way.           

This game is a simple puzzle game, but you need to be agile and think quickly. Colorful flares constantly move on and off the screen and the goal is to explode as many flares as possible. The puzzle aspect of the game involves creating combination moves where the you need to select flares of the same color and explodes them together. While progressing through the game, more flares appear on the screen and move more rapidly on and off the screen. Score enough points and move on to the next level. Fail to do so and you’ll be back at the beginning!

In the background there is an image of the planet so you know what level you are and in the foreground, circles of different colors will float onto the screen. As the circles appear on the screen, you will uses the touch screen to select the circle and then press the box that says, “explode”. Each circle exploded increases the number of points earned. The puzzle concept of the game involves creating combinations. Selecting two or more circles of the same color and exploding them at the same time earns more points than exploding each circle individually. The game starts out slow to let the player get comfortable with the game but after a while the circles move extremely fast and there is an overwhelming number of circles appearing onto the screen.


While the concept of Atmosflares surely is very simple, the game attempts to mix things up by creating new challenges on different planets. One of these challenges involves weather. When it rains on a planet, it causes the flares to go out faster, making it more difficult to make combinations. The game has other challenges that are similar to this too. So while the game is simple, these challenges make the game a little more difficult.

The one disappoint part of this game is that it doesn’t become difficult until you have progressed far enough into the game. I played it for about 45 minutes before the game became challenging. So if you are willing to keep playing the game until all the easy levels are beat, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This game is subtly addicting and worth giving playing.

Stylematch – Shop, Try and Buy from Home

If you love to shop and you consider yourself a fashion expert, then consider downloading Stylematch from Stylematch Pty Ltd. This app has everything any fashion lover could need to find, try and design outfits on the fly, without leaving the comfort of home. Running on the power of your iOS device, be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can now browse through thousands of websites from designers and retailers all around the world, and discover treasures you would otherwise not, if you were to just hit your local mall.

Stylematch breaks up your experience this way. First, you get a Closet. When you first download the app, your closet will be empty because you are starting from scratch. So, to be able to do anything with the app, you will need to fill it. That’s where the fun begins.

To fill your closet, mosey on down to the horizontally scrolling menu nicely placed at the bottom of the app. As you slide the items back and forth, you’ll Shop. Select this and you will be place on what may be considered the main page of the app. You can shop for women’s items or for men’s. When you select one or the other, you will be presented with a list of categories of items, including, but not limited to:

  • Accessories
  • Bags & Purses
  • Bridal
  • Jeans
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Outwear
  • Uniforms
  • And so much more Stylematch


Once you find a few items you like, you can take them over to the Virtual Change Room. Here you can “try on” the items you’ve selected to see how they look, before you slap down a cent. The Virtual Change Room is also used to piece together outfits from your collection in your closet, as it begins to swell, and trust me it will.

The beauty of this app is the power it puts in your hands. You can put together so many options from so many places, and so easily. What’s better is that you don’t have to buy in the dark. The Virtual Change Room lets you see how each piece will look on you before you make a commitment. A perfect example is if you are ready to buy a blouse, but you’re just not sure if it will go with a pair of pants you’ve already got hanging in your virtual closet, simply pull both of them over to the Virtual Change Room and try them on. You can even add a few accessories to see if they help. The possibilities are endless.

The only negative to the app was that all menu items were empty when I first downloaded the app. I would have like to have seen a few example outfits or a few pictures to help get you started. Ignoring that one small snafu, Stylematch made shopping so much more fun! It even brought out a bit of a designer in me, as the pieces came tumbling forth, I started seeing combinations I probably would never have imagine just standing in my own real closet!

Videos Come ALIVE with Magical Effects

Social media pervades our lives and our space, and when connecting with friends and family the way we all have been for all these years starts to get old, rely on an app to get you out there in a different way. How, you ask? Simple. If you like taking video clips and sharing them to get a few laughs out of people, think of the insane reaction you’ll get when your videos have an extra oomph to them.

That extra oomph is the magic of video editing. ALIVE – Video Editor lets you take quick snippets of video, up to 30 seconds in length, and enhance them just the way you want. Enhancements include anything from visual to audio. You can add images and objects that are still or moving. You can add sounds from the apps library, or add your own by mixing them in with what’s already there. This app lets you take your creative juices and let them flow in every direction!

Once you are done editing, save your changes and send them out! You can choose to send via Facebook or by email. These setting can be stipulated when you register, which is the first thing you will do when you download and open the app.

On the main screen, you will have the option to view what’s been posted and shared, so you get an idea of what the app has to offer. There is even a small demo posted by the creators of the app which gives a great sampling of each type of enhancement. Enhancement types include: filtering, object, text and music effects.


Filtering effects allow you to add special lighting effects, creating new looks using light overlays, light flares and/or lens flares. Add unique lighting effects like no other to create halo effects around your angels’ faces, or add a flash of light to grab attention to the screen so your “message” is the center of attention.

Object effects are fun items you can overlay onto your video. Examples include funny animations of character or objects like arrows, water drops, or smoke. Possibilities are as wide as your imagination and your videos will take on a whole new meaning when these are dropped on top, not to mention a few smiles, if not laughs.

Text effects let you add verbiage if you want, because sometimes that little extra bit of personalization is all that it takes. You may have just spotted the most amazing sunset, but what sets that sunset apart from the bazillions others have posted? Your words. Make it your own with text effects.

Lastly, music makes movement sing. If you don’t want your audience to hear the video’s own recording, like the background noise of the bar you are in or the crowd that’s standing around you while you tape the sunset from the pier, overlay it with the perfect blend of harmony. Select from a wide array of pieces provided by the app, mix them a bit and create your own. Again, the sky is the limit.

I can’t say nothing but good things about ALIVE – Video Editor. It made video taking more fun, in a nutshell; and my friends got a kick out of what I sent them. I can only say that after a while my creations may start to look repetitive, so a few additions of effects now and then will be monumentally a must. Until then, I will enjoy what’s before me and share it with zest.

Ninflated – Float your Ninja with Finesse

If you like games that are simple, yet challenging, then App Street Games has a new challenge for you. They have just launched a new game that takes plenty of patience and mounds of finesse to master. Simple by nature in terms of what you required to do, it will have you struggling and perfecting moves to maneuver your player to success; but, be aware that once you have “mastered” some moves, you will be back on the uphill battle as the game becomes more challenging with new obstacles and almost a new set of rules.

Your player is a Ninja in a blown up bubble. Sounds weird, but hey, there have been crazier things thrown at players in games. Your Ninja basically floats around in this bubble and your mission is to guide your floating Ninja through mazes and around obstacles, preventing his bubble from bursting, literally. If it blows, you are done! Movement is managed by either tapping on one side of the screen or the other to direct the bubbles movement. You can also slide left and right, or up and down to direct your bubble Ninja.

When you first start playing, the playing field is fairly simple and easy to move around in. You may get popped now and then, but with some practice you get a better feel for how often or rapidly to tap or how much to slide to ensure your bubble does not touch anything around it. Be aware that as you start to do well and move on through the course, the game will, on its own, evolve and change things up a bit. By change things up, I mean that sliding up will move your Ninja downward, and vice versa. Things will not be as they seem, so adjustments to your tactics will be necessary for survival.


For most games, the bubble behaves just as you would expect it to, it floats. So, from the perspective of your screen, the bubble moves upward constantly. From each side, you will see bars and things jutting out that you must avoid. Successfully complete areas and levels and you will see occasional signs go up that warn of changes to the venue. Particularly, a sign that says “up in the new down”. Also be aware that you cannot always use taps or slides as you wish. Each obstacle that you must “pass” through is colored differently and shows different icons. If you must slide to move your Ninja through the pass, then you will see arrows. If you must tap to move the Ninja through, then you will see two circles in the area signaling so.

As you move on through the game, you will also see that taps and swipes move your Ninja in the opposite direction, playing games with your mind and prompting you to think in the opposite way. While simple to learn and play, it did take a few tries to get the swipes and taps just right. You have to swipe just the right amount otherwise the Ninja may not clear the horizontal obstacles and it the results will not be pretty.

For a free game, Ninflated is definitely worth downloading to experience a new type of game and to help fill your time. It may actually prove to be a great mind exercise game, as well, when you reach a point where you are tapping or swiping in a direction opposite to where you want to go.

Playing with the Power of 2 – The Incredible Tiles 2048

What do you get when you take a classic and make it better? You get The Incredible Tiles 2048. The creative mind benders at Go Games have taken the classic game, and their own version of it, and made it better, outdoing what others have thrown out on the app market.

The Incredible Tiles 2048 takes the classic 2048 game and provides a gaming experience that offers more choices with more challenges. This version of the game now lets you choose from one of three types of playing boards: 4×4, 5×5 or an arcade game board. Choices are offered on the main screen, and you can scroll through them. From the main screen, you also have the option to play a more challenging game by opting for the “daily event” which has you play a game and puts your skills to the test by rewarding you an extra 50 coins if you make it to the finish line within a certain time limit. Each daily event is different, so you don’t know what you’ll get, but know that it will be fun!

You can also change the look of your game by selecting the Skin+ icon. From here you can make an in-app purchase of $1 to choose either the “mountain” skin or the “jeans” skin. Each skin offers a choice of four different looks. They even have plans for a newer one, depicted by the “in progress” skin. The main screen of The Incredible Tiles 2048 also gives you your stats so you get an idea of where you are at every time you open the game.

Game play is just as before. Players slide tiles to get two matching tiles to come together. Once this happen, they converge into one tile with double the value. Two tiles with a ‘2’ become one tile with a ‘4’. Two tiles with a ‘4’ become one tile with an ‘8’. Two tiles with ‘16’ become one tile with ‘32’. Your goal is to eventually get to the point where you are bringing two tiles with ‘1024’ together to become ‘2048’!

The Incredible Tiles 2048

Easy to say and hard to do, you may have mastered the technique to get to 2048 in previous versions of this game, so this one will provide you with a new challenge providing tiles that behave a bit differently and functions that will help you sort things out slowly.

New tiles include so-called roadblocks like the Brick and the Enlarger. Other tiles help you get around faster and maybe even get to your goal faster: Divider, Multiplier, Teleporter and Spring. Be careful when you use any of them, because you may be biting off more than you can chew!

If you do find yourself in a bind, then you can easily wiggle your way out by taking advantage of the unlimited number of undo’s and by using a few helpful functions, such as:

  • Blocking certain tiles
  • Doubling tiles
  • Erasing tiles
  • Doubling points
  • Replacing tiles
  • Clearing the game board 

The only part of this game I found deficient was the main screen, which was difficult to navigate. The icons are small and the scrolling of game board choices was not apparent to me until I started playing around with the arrows. Selecting a game board was also difficult, as I found myself fat-fingering often.

This is only minor issue in the grand scheme of things. Once you get to your game board, the fun begins. Don’t miss out on this new version of 2048 and new change to meet a new challenge.

Baseball Kings – Practice Your Pitch on the Go!

When five months of live baseball ends, the fun doesn’t have to. If you love baseball and like to take the excitement with you wherever you go, now you can. Baseball Kings is a fun app for the baseball lover in you that you can download onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It’s a simple app that tests your ability to throw a perfect pitch, or at least one that comes close. The graphics present a 3D image of the field, making you feel you are planted front and center on the pitcher’s mound, ready to send one over home plate.

When you first download the app, you will see the main screen, which gives you three options: Play, Training and Batting. Play takes you straight to game play. Training allows players to get a feel for how the game works by letting you pitch as many balls as you like. Batting lets users play some type of batting game which did not test or refine any skills. It was more of a slot machine type of set up.

Baseball Kings keeps stats just like the professionals do. From the main screen you can get information about the app’s creators, Appnori. You can also seamlessly connect to Facebook so you share your triumphs. Sounds and data resets can also be carried out from the Set option.

To train and learn how to pitch correctly, and this is highly recommended, select the Training button. When you get there you’ll be presented with a baseball dead center, and far off in the distance will be the catcher, waiting for it. You will also see an arrow which shows you the strength of the curve that will be placed on the ball when you send it. There is also a transparent circle just in front of the catcher which serves as a target of sorts. If your pitch makes it within that circle, you are good and you collect points. Send it outside that region and start to collect strikes; and you know how that goes…three strikes and you are out!

Baseball Kings

Pitching requires a precise flick towards home plate. If you put too much of an angle on it, it won’t make it to its destination. Once done with training, head on over to game play. Here you can select from a multitude of teams to play for. After selecting your team, you are given a cheat sheet screen showing you how your ball will travel given the flick you apply. It even gives you a mini tutorial training session that I felt was a bit better than the actual practice exercise.

I have to say that I was really happy to see that the game provided the training, because even using that exercise several times, I was still not getting any good pitches in. It was very difficult for me to get that precise flick required to target the baseball in the right spot, just so that the absent batter would be able to hit it. After playing a few innings and practice rounds, you will understand exactly the type of swipe you will need to get the ball to where it needs to go. Baseball Kings is a fun app to have to get your baseball fix when you can’t get it otherwise.

Amazing Beat – Outpace the Beat with Fast Finger-Taps

Everyone loves a good beat, and paired with a fun app, nothing can be better. Amazing Beat sounds like it would be a music mixing or listening app, but it’s a bit more than that. It tests your senses and puts your hand-eye plus hand-ear coordination to the test. The app pulses out five categories of music, letting you make the choice and playing it up in the background.

You might wonder how a beat can be matched to a game. But once you start things up, you will see. Fast-paced and sometimes fiery, the app then sends circles and squares almost representing the notes or pulses of the music’s beat. Your job is to tap either to the right or left to match the symbol. Sounds easy, but it can get extremely challenging. The first few rounds come at a pace that is palatable. Once you move past those, the beat comes fast and you are thrown into a frenzy trying to keep pace with the music, matching your taps as each symbol falls from the top of the screen down to the floor.

The playing screen is vertical and while the game is quite simple, it lacks a few help messages, an intro and an explanation, with enough details, of what to do. You kind of have to just play around with it to get an idea as to what is required to play. The first round is at a pace that allows you as a newbie to understand what you need to do as the symbols appear and travel down a vertical line. If you see a circle, you tap on the right side of the screen. If you see a square, you tap on the left just as you see it and before it reaches the end of its line. This signals to the app that you have detected the right symbol at the right time.

Amazing Beat

If you tap incorrectly, the symbol crashes and the game is done. The truly unfortunate deal with this game was that the player was not given a few chances to miss a few beat. Once you tap incorrectly; and I mean just once, it’s game over. You can do a redo, and replay the game, but I oftentimes felt the pace got faster and more frantic.

What was disappointing with this game, and almost a turn off, was how quickly the pace picks up. There is not much time given to get used to how the game works and how to get a sense of seeing/hearing the beat and quickly tapping in reaction to it. A longer tutorial or a few intro games or levels would be nice. If you are adept at fast-paced games and have a keen ear that coordinates with quick taps, you may just be a natural at this game and Amazing Beat may serve as a great filler for those times when you need a simple game to play.

FancyKey – Fonts That Make for Fun Chats

Looking for a way to make your chats more interesting, much more impactive and amazingly expressive? Simple fonts can only take a message so far. The emotion that may lie behind the words you type may never be revealed unless you have the right artistic presentation or the right script. Chat apps only have so many fonts available for use; but don’t sell yourself short. FancyKey is a fun app that takes the letters you tap out and renders them in a fun and fanciful way.

Pinssible Labs has put some little creative thinking into their latest update to their app to offer more choices and more functionality. Enhancements include:

  • Close to 100 unique fonts
  • Adaptxt Technology supporting enhanced auto-correct and word suggestions
  • Six vibrant themes
  • Keyboard integrated with Emoji / Emoticons / Emoji Art with auto-suggestions and one-tap functionality
  • System Settings-defined shortcuts
  • Protection of privacy; fully functions without “Full Access” 

The app is available for free and works on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches; however, this latest version requires iOS 8 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5 and later. The download is simple an easy, with a seamless setup. Setup is completed in a few easy steps. After download, go into System Setting, General, Keyboard, and then Add Keyboard. You will find FancyKey as an option to select.


Once you have integrated the app, fancy fonts become intrinsically available anywhere you can type and chat. This could be from iMessage, sending off an email, posts on Facebook, and more. Messages you put out to your friends and share with the world can take on more meaning and emphasis with a mere metamorphosis of the font set you use.

Once you are in an app that allows you to type, FancyKey will become an option as a keyboard. This can easily be turned off whenever you choose by going back into System Settings and disabling FancyKey. The app can still be on your device, but simply will sit in the background and you will default to a standard keyboard.

The only downside to using FancyKey is trying to switch between keyboards, and this may be more of a device issue than an app issue. I would have liked to see the keyboard options choices be a bit more apparent. Rather, I had to tap around to realize that pressing the globe icon on the keyboard revealed all keyboard choices. Maybe I am just a novice that needs to experiment a bit more.

Aside from that, FancyKey makes typing a little more fun because the letters and words dance a bit more livelier on the screen, making the story you tell, news you convey or moments you share be that more animated and alive. What better way to connect than to use a script that speaks your mind in exactly the way you picture your words. Download FancyKey safely and easily and start sending messages that mean more.

Web PC Suite for Effective File Transfer

Everyone is now recognizing the need for faster, easier and more effective file transfers between PC and devices. Clearly, going wireless solves a lot of problems and inconveniences, and anyone who can find a way to make this happen wirelessly is going to have a winner in its hands. GeekSoft, one of the leading mobile developers and publishers seems to have hit the nail right on the head with its latest app called the “Web PC Suite”. Wireless transfers between and among PC and Android mobile phones and similar devices certainly solves a lot of problems, and this concept is neatly encapsulated in the Web PC Suite, a file transfer app.

Web PC Suite makes file transfers less messy since it dispenses with the need for a myriad of cables and connections. It also makes the process faster, saving a lot of time since the transfer takes as fast as several seconds, depending on the nature and size of the files being transferred, and the wireless speeds. There is no longer a need for flash drives and USB cables, so that also saves you a considerable amount of money. Since the transfer is browser-based, no software installation is required. This nifty little app called Web PC Suite does all that, and even makes the whole process actually fun!

The best thing about Web PC Suite is its user friendly interface. Anything that makes what used to be a lengthy and complicated process – transferring files – simplified and much quicker, scores high in our books. Connecting is very easy. All it takes is a quick scan of the QR Code, or you can even make use of Direct Connect. You just have to make sure the devices you are connecting are using the same Wi-Fi network. Connecting is free and, unlike other apps of this same nature, there is no need to sign up for anything in order to get it to work. There is also no need to download any software on your personal computer and install it; the transfer is completed using just a web browser.

Web PC Suite

Another issue often encountered with respect to file transfers is compatibility. For example, only certain devices are recognized. There are also instances where only selected brands or platforms permit file transfers. That is not a problem with Web PC Suite, since it allows file transfers across platforms. You can transfer files between your PC and your Android mobile or tablet. Samsung, Apple, HTC, Huawei, and LG are only several of the many brand names that work using Web PC Suite. Browser compatibility is also a non-issue, since it supports all browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more.

File size limitations are also often the cause of several file transfer failures. Web PC Suite lets you transfer large file sizes without any difficulties. It also allows batch operation, meaning you can choose multiple files, which you can then download or upload as a single compressed zip file. But file transfer is not the only thing that Web PC Suite can do, since it also allows users to manage and organize their files. The File Manager is multi-functional and definitely makes managing files a breeze.

While it is true that Web PC Suite allows writing directly to a mobile device or smartphone’s SD card, this has certain limitations. At the moment, this function only works on the SD cards of devices that are running on Android KitKat version.

The Web PC Suite is turning out to be the best file transfer and file manager app today, and more and more users are enjoying its lightning-fast performance and user-friendly interface.