Baseball Kings – Practice Your Pitch on the Go!

When five months of live baseball ends, the fun doesn’t have to. If you love baseball and like to take the excitement with you wherever you go, now you can. Baseball Kings is a fun app for the baseball lover in you that you can download onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It’s a simple app that tests your ability to throw a perfect pitch, or at least one that comes close. The graphics present a 3D image of the field, making you feel you are planted front and center on the pitcher’s mound, ready to send one over home plate.

When you first download the app, you will see the main screen, which gives you three options: Play, Training and Batting. Play takes you straight to game play. Training allows players to get a feel for how the game works by letting you pitch as many balls as you like. Batting lets users play some type of batting game which did not test or refine any skills. It was more of a slot machine type of set up.

Baseball Kings keeps stats just like the professionals do. From the main screen you can get information about the app’s creators, Appnori. You can also seamlessly connect to Facebook so you share your triumphs. Sounds and data resets can also be carried out from the Set option.

To train and learn how to pitch correctly, and this is highly recommended, select the Training button. When you get there you’ll be presented with a baseball dead center, and far off in the distance will be the catcher, waiting for it. You will also see an arrow which shows you the strength of the curve that will be placed on the ball when you send it. There is also a transparent circle just in front of the catcher which serves as a target of sorts. If your pitch makes it within that circle, you are good and you collect points. Send it outside that region and start to collect strikes; and you know how that goes…three strikes and you are out!

Baseball Kings

Pitching requires a precise flick towards home plate. If you put too much of an angle on it, it won’t make it to its destination. Once done with training, head on over to game play. Here you can select from a multitude of teams to play for. After selecting your team, you are given a cheat sheet screen showing you how your ball will travel given the flick you apply. It even gives you a mini tutorial training session that I felt was a bit better than the actual practice exercise.

I have to say that I was really happy to see that the game provided the training, because even using that exercise several times, I was still not getting any good pitches in. It was very difficult for me to get that precise flick required to target the baseball in the right spot, just so that the absent batter would be able to hit it. After playing a few innings and practice rounds, you will understand exactly the type of swipe you will need to get the ball to where it needs to go. Baseball Kings is a fun app to have to get your baseball fix when you can’t get it otherwise.

Amazing Beat – Outpace the Beat with Fast Finger-Taps

Everyone loves a good beat, and paired with a fun app, nothing can be better. Amazing Beat sounds like it would be a music mixing or listening app, but it’s a bit more than that. It tests your senses and puts your hand-eye plus hand-ear coordination to the test. The app pulses out five categories of music, letting you make the choice and playing it up in the background.

You might wonder how a beat can be matched to a game. But once you start things up, you will see. Fast-paced and sometimes fiery, the app then sends circles and squares almost representing the notes or pulses of the music’s beat. Your job is to tap either to the right or left to match the symbol. Sounds easy, but it can get extremely challenging. The first few rounds come at a pace that is palatable. Once you move past those, the beat comes fast and you are thrown into a frenzy trying to keep pace with the music, matching your taps as each symbol falls from the top of the screen down to the floor.

The playing screen is vertical and while the game is quite simple, it lacks a few help messages, an intro and an explanation, with enough details, of what to do. You kind of have to just play around with it to get an idea as to what is required to play. The first round is at a pace that allows you as a newbie to understand what you need to do as the symbols appear and travel down a vertical line. If you see a circle, you tap on the right side of the screen. If you see a square, you tap on the left just as you see it and before it reaches the end of its line. This signals to the app that you have detected the right symbol at the right time.

Amazing Beat

If you tap incorrectly, the symbol crashes and the game is done. The truly unfortunate deal with this game was that the player was not given a few chances to miss a few beat. Once you tap incorrectly; and I mean just once, it’s game over. You can do a redo, and replay the game, but I oftentimes felt the pace got faster and more frantic.

What was disappointing with this game, and almost a turn off, was how quickly the pace picks up. There is not much time given to get used to how the game works and how to get a sense of seeing/hearing the beat and quickly tapping in reaction to it. A longer tutorial or a few intro games or levels would be nice. If you are adept at fast-paced games and have a keen ear that coordinates with quick taps, you may just be a natural at this game and Amazing Beat may serve as a great filler for those times when you need a simple game to play.