CamFind – Learn More, Effortlessly, through Image-Based Search

Powered by superb image-recognition technology, CamFind will take what you see and serve up search results like no visual search engine that’s on the market today.

Just think, if you are standing in your kitchen, looking at a piece of chicken, and are not sure what to do with it for dinner, CamFind can come to the rescue. Take a picture of that chicken with CamFind, perform a search, and you will be presented not only with information about “chicken,” but you will also get a list of different recipes.

No more sitting in front of a browser window, typing in the precise sequence or set of words to capture results you need. Now, you simply take a photo, and let CamFind do its thing.

A free download, CamFind makes finding out more about something as easy as tapping a shutter button and waiting for the results.

The power of the app does not stop there. You are not alone in your searches, as several others are now making the paradigm shift from word-based searches to image and sound based searching. The CamFind community allows you to connect with other users, rate their searches, and use what others have already discovered.

CamFind is filled with features that make image-based searching easy and interesting, allowing you to leverage searches done by others and learning more about how to take a picture effectively to get accurate results:

  • Internet Search Results that offer
    • Images related to what you’ve captured
    • Price comparisons and links to online vendors
    • Address Finder and related places
    • DVD and movie poster recognition
    • Sharing through Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS
  • Upload and save previously taken photos from your Camera Roll
  • QR and Barcode Scanner
  • Language Translation
  • Voice or Text Search

CamFind screens

It’s also very easy to use. Simply tap on the Capture button, which is found in the center bottom of the screen. Once your image is uploaded into CamFind, it goes to work, searching the Internet for anything related to that picture: a name, a title, a location where it could be found. The possibilities are endless. And the more you used CamFind, the better you will get at taking the pictures in a way that helps CamFind do its thing.

The only small snafu it needs to get over is the time is takes to bring up results. Now, between you and me, CamFind is doing some pretty deep digging, so I don’t mind waiting a bit to find about more about a product I may be staring at, before making a purchase. But I guarantee that you will like the results you see, because while it will take time to get them, they will be pretty accurate.

The only thing you have to do is download the app and then get used to tapping photos for searches instead of typing in words. Once you get used to image-based searching, you’ll wonder what you’ve been doing without it all these years!

MileBug – Trip Tracker at your Fingertips

Looking for a way to make trip tracking effortless? So many of us that either have to expense the time and cost of driving for work or need to show the miles as business owners know all too well the headache of logging this information and keep track of it, so you can get to it when you need it.

Now, there’s a much easier way to do it all. MileBug is neat little app that runs on either your iPhone or iPad, so you can have access to it no matter which device you are toting.

Once downloaded, it allows you to create trips that then automatically track the number of miles you’ve traveled to and from clients and businesses, or whatever type of trip you need to track. Once you have accumulated a few trips, you can publish them in a report that can be saved.

If you need to log trips that have already taken place, you can punch in your starting and ending odometer readings. Otherwise, the app itself if able to log the miles using your device’s GPS. For each trip, you can also add on expenses, like gas, or maybe a lunch that you provided for a client.

This app has just about anything you could need to track and retrieve the information you need to account for expenses incurred during any trip you take. The beauty is the ability to back it all up and get to it in an organized manner.

Features include:

  • Customization of your Settings for things like units of measurement (miles or kms), vehicles,  trip settings
  • Optional integration with the ToDoTM app for data backups
  • Create trips and let the app count the miles for you. You can even go in after the trip to tweak your numbers.
  • Missed turning on the app before a trip occurred? No problem. You can add that trip manually, using all the fields that would have autofilled via the app.


  • Report on your trips in an almost endless combination of reporting formats. You can choose the final data format: HTML, CSV or both. Then, you can choose if you want to sort by a field, and your choices of fields number over 10. You can also filter reports by different vehicles, businesses you traveled to, and by date. This is extremely handy if you need reports for particular time spans.
  • Built in backup of your data, with choices. You can use the MileBug Cloud, or you can send your data to an email account.

The only feature that can be a bit confusing is the sorting. It shows three ways to sort, and it will apply those sorts in the order defined. However, if you only want to sort by one field, not two, or three, then you have to think outside the box to get that to happen. Essentially, you have to choose the same field all three times. Then, it will sort by that one field.

That aside, MileBug makes the accounting side to trip tracking so much easier. It frees you to focus on your trip, rather than worry about your miles.

Sweet Candy-Logic Experiments – A Stimulating Logic Game

Sweet Candy- Next Gen Puzzle is a stimulating logic game. It consists of multiple chapters with about twelve levels in each chapter. There is a chance to earn three stars on each level. These stars enable you to unlock levels in the future. Each chapter is locked until all levels in the previous chapter have been passed. However, the more stars you earn on each level the quicker you can unlock other chapters. The game is challenging, fun and addictive. However, like most puzzle games it can be frustrating and some levels take a long time to solve. Each puzzle in each level requires a lot of thought and you made need to restart a level at some point.

The game is based on a very simple concept. The idea is to use your candy piece to collect the other candy pieces and pass through the gate. However, the gate is locked until all of the candy pieces are collected. The game follows a similar model to Cut The Rope but has a fun, candy-filled twist. The game contains candy, ice-like blocks, and the candy piece that serves as your playing piece. The ice looking blocks are used as a tool to maneuver through the game. The ice blocks also create barriers which add another level of difficulty to the game.

Similar to most puzzle and strategy games, the Sweet Candy-Next Gen Puzzle game contains many easy, intermediate and challenging levels. The game begins with instructions in the very first level and contains a relatively easy puzzle to solve. The instructions indicate which candy puzzle piece represents the player (you), which candy pieces need to be collected, and which piece serves as the gate. New elements are added as the game progresses and you advance to more levels and chapters.

Sweet Candy app screenshot

The game’s instructions are very limited and can be difficult to remember. This is the biggest negative about the game. As I said, the instructions are included in the first level of the first chapter. However, this is the only location I have been able to find them. The only other time they are seen is when a new element is added into the game. For example, in the very first level of the second chapter arrows are added as another obstacle in the puzzle. This is the only other time instructions are added into the game. It would be beneficial to have instructions, or reminders throughout game play in order to remind players of the goals and any additional rules and hints. It may also be beneficial to have the instructions on the main start page.

The arrows that are introduced in the first level of the second chapter serve as a barrier similar to the ice blocks however they hinder the path of your candy piece. The arrows allows your candy piece to move only in the direction that is indicated. As the game progresses the levels become harder and harder. Sweet Candy – Next Gen Puzzle gives you the ability to test your puzzle wits and problem solving skills. Be sure to read the directions and the game will entertain you for hours.

Upgrade Your World of Online Maps With Cartogram- Indoor Maps

Most people have used or at least heard of the Google Maps platform. It is often used to find directions or to see what is nearby. Cartogram follows this same principle. Cartogram resembles the tools use in Google Maps, except it is based indoors. Cartogram can be used for many things:

  • Cartogram can be used to find people in an unfamiliar building such as a mall or office building.
  • Cartogram can be used to find a classroom or lecture on ca college campus.
  • Cartogram can be used to find a product within a store.
  • You can view and explore indoor maps that are searchable.
  • You can search and find nearly everything within a building and Cartogram uses and indoor and search labeling feature.
  • You can select whether or not to share your location with anyone, in any room, on any floor of any building.
  • This app also allows you to search a building you are planning on visiting. This is great for instances such as a job interview. This gives you the ability to find the specific room you will be interviewed in so you do not get lost the day of the interview.

Cartogram can be used in a variety of stores around the world including but not limited to: grocery store, retail outlets, pharmacies, office buildings, and college campuses. You can use this app to search for products, rooms, and even people making the search process easier and saving you time in the long run.

Cartogram screenshot

Cartogram requires a user agreement before you can use the app. It also requires quite a few features of your phone to be turned on. These include:

Find Contacts on the device

Location Services

Phone: read phone status and identity


Pair with Bluetooth devices

All of these permission enhance the use of the app and most can be shut off manually however this may hinder app performance. The features such as phone contacts and Bluetooth allow the app to connect you will contacts and find them nearby. As mentioned above, you determine when and who can see you and find you within a location.  This great if you are meeting a friends somewhere. It can allow you to find them a lot quicker and can also improve the time you spend together. The negative is the length of the user agreement. It is written in legal jargon and may time a long time to sift through and understand. There is nothing in the user agreement that is alarming so it is not harmful to ignore it. It is just beneficial to read if you want to understand exactly how the app and your phone work together to create your user experience.

In general, Cartogram is a huge upgrade to world of online maps. Most apps are based mainly on the buildings and street, however Cartogram is a tool for indoor maps. Cartogram allows access to stores and building layouts which make maneuvering through a building more efficient. Cartogram makes meeting up with a friend, finding a class or even searching a mall for a product easier!