Run & Gun: Banditos – Blazin’ Bandits on a Mission

Run & Gun: Banditos by Ludus Studio is a swipe-tap action game. On a “wanted-style” poster, you start off with your first trigger-happy Bandito- Gonzalez. Shots are being fired, the Mariachi band is in full force, and a fiery mood is set.

The start button is green for go, and your Bandito is transported somewhere dusty and dangerous. Gonzalez has to retrieve his treasure that you immediately see being taken away by a rascal-looking skeleton. This is where the swiping starts- you must closely follow the treasure thief to collect fallen coins and gold chests, all while keeping an eye on the lanes and avoiding the obstacles in your path.

Players will soon find out that the skeleton scoundrel does not work alone- his amigos can be spotted in the cliffs! The tapping begins here as your Bandito must shoot to survive as enemy skeletons will be shooting back viciously.

Arrows help to swiftly terminate your enemies, and combos are received for a job well done. After taking out enough enemies you receive a “buddy parrot” to help you get the job done even faster.

Along the way you can find useful power-ups, for example, a shield to absorb the enemy’s fire and health boosts. When you pause the game you will find a little task list with mini-missions, like shooting 20 enemies in a single run. After checking off your tasks you will be rewarded handsomely.

Another interesting pick-up item is a chilli, this will allow you to resume the game where your Bandito has fallen to continue his rampage.

By following your stolen treasure all the way to the end of the level you will then have to face a wall of enemies.

The graphics are vivid, and the characters are exuberant. Run and Gun: Banditos, definitely has an inviting, user-friendly landing screen. For avid gamers, it could be described as a more exciting “Temple Run”.

Objectives, distance rewards, and achievements are tracked in the home menu, and this encourages continued gameplay. Here, you can also purchase upgrades with the coins you collect. A compass to automatically avoid six obstacles is an example of an upgrade you can purchase for 500 coins.

For some, the most exciting feature will be that you can unlock new Banditos!

The shooting feature is done really well- you have unlimited ammo (thank goodness!) and you can start shooting into the distance where an enemy lies.

When your game is over you can see how many coins you have collected, your distance travelled, experienced gained, and your best score. After your Bandito’s experience bar has been filled, he will level up. This means that your score multiplier is increased and you are rewarded a bonus item. The bonus item is a booster that you can activate at the beginning of a new game.

The game is a free-to-play one, but it does contain in-app purchases and advertisements.

The game could make a player wish that he always had two available hands to play with, one to shoot and one to swipe, but that is the only drawback. Beside this, the game is smooth to play with no lag whatsoever.

The music, graphics, and effortless bang-bang gameplay ensures that you and your Bandito are having a truly Wild-West experience. An electric time is guaranteed for players who are willing to be a little rough and lawless! This game is available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Make Your Vacation Last Forever – Memotrips

No vacation lasts forever, but you can make the memories and magical moments stay intact long after the vacation has ended. How, you ask? Download Memotrips and find out.

Memotrips is an app that allows you to essentially journal your trip, long or short, local or abroad, so you can capture the moment and never forget it. It’s basically a travel diary, but it’s does not limit you to words, it allows you to create and capture events in so many ways.

When you first download the app, you will get a quick and colorful overview of what the app has to offer. Swipe through the pages that display beautiful destinations to get to the main screen. From here you will see several options:

  • Explore – there are lots of Memotrip users in the community. Check out where they have been to venture vicariously with them, or use the information to plan your next trip.
  • My travel diaries – this is where you will keep all of your diaries. Every travel diary you create and keep can be found here – it’s basically a walk down memory lane.
  • Create a travel diary – ready for your next trip? Great! Create a new diary and start logging your experience even before you leave your home.
  • Log in – become a registered user of Memotrip to gain access to all that the app has to offer, share with others, and immerse yourself in its travel community.
  • Help – we all need it at some point. Get what you need easily. The app creators have provided lots of information to help you make the most of the app. It’s currently all in French, so if you speak, great; if not, you’ll need a translator.

I was really impressed by what Memotrip had to offer. I am getting ready for a long weekend myself, so I created a new travel diary days before the trip so I could note all the things I wanted to remember about planning and packing.

After creating a diary, you create stages, which essentially would be steps, events, things you want to capture. Creating a stage requires you to provide a title, description, date and location. You cannot save the stage without these. Once created, you can add a photo and share the info.

What I was not impressed with was the inability to upload a photo from my library as the cover for my latest diary. It simply would not work. The selections to make while creating a new diary are also not intuitive. For example, when you select the destination country, it does not give you the option to move to the next screen. I could not tell if the selection took.

Barring that inconvenience, I managed to jot notes and capture every fun moment. I even saved a few frustrating ones, as well, simply so I could look back and laugh. I highly recommend Memotrips to anyone who wants to actively journal their trips and experiences in real time.

Melodious Music in an Easy to Use Learning App – Jazzy World Tour

Music feeds the soul – that’s what people say. It also helps stimulate so many areas of the brain, providing an opportunity to learn and expand the mind on so many levels and in so many areas. Folks say that learning the piano helps with mathematics.

If you are looking to entertain your kids with a music based app that has the added plus of helping them learn on a multitude of levels, then Jazzy World Tour has exactly what you are looking for.

This app is set up like an adventure game of sorts, with two cute kittens on an adventure around the world. Their mode of travel is a hot air balloon. As the balloon descends to different countries over a variety of continents, kids gets to experience the local culture, music, language and more. There are quizzes to take, as well, so you can really use this app as an educational tool, if you want.

In more detail, these are the type of thing kids will get to explore and experience in each country:

  • Musical instruments – tap on each one to see what it sounds like and you can even play around with them
  • Smart facts – about the musical instruments, local food, culture, and animals
  • Music – listen to instrumentals and vocals from different pieces that are typical of each region

As you enter each country, you will get to choose one of three options: Learn, Play and Create. Under Learn, you can select an animal, a musical instrument and food items that are displayed across the bottom of the screen. Tap on one and read the information provided. You can then either close the window or tap on the quiz to see how much you retained.

The Play option is really cute. Here you will see different animals native to this country playing different instruments that are also native to the country.

Under the Create option, kids get to create their own photos and videos, as if they had traveled along with the two kittens to that country. It really is a cool idea to have added this. You can then save the photos or delete them.

As photos and videos are saved, they are collected in a Travel Book that you can access from the main screen.

Jazzy World Tour currently supports visits to 10 countries: U.S., Brazil, Ireland, Spain, Egypt, Kenya, Russia, Japan and Australia.

What I would love to see, and I am sure it’s in the works, is more countries over the various continents. Definitely some in the Baltic region.

Teachers and parents alike will love what the app offers. It serves as a great learning device and entertainment vehicle.  I found it very entertaining and amusing myself. This app also has a free version.

1 Hour Photo – Photo Printing For Nostalgic Sharing

In this age of digital everything, we share and view snapshots and videos on devices. Gone are the days of albums you can pick up and thumb through. This may be the case for many, but for those of us who still enjoy having something solid on the coffee table to spark interest in, I say print in books rule.

You can upload photos and use apps online to build books, full of bells and whistles, but if you still get a thrill by printing and have actual prints on your fridge and a few copies to send to the grandparents, then printing is the way to go. To make it easier, there’s an app for that.

1-Hour Photo allows users to easily send photo orders to participating printers so you don’t have to remember to do it later. You could be on vacation and may want to share a print. Upload that special snap to the app and send it on its way.

Print locations currently include CVS and Walgreens. So you know you will have a place to pick up that is not too far.

1 Hour Photo

Prints can be made in a variety of sizes: 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10, so you know you will get a size that you will use most often. You can also choose the number of prints for each photo you’ve uploaded.

After uploading, you can choose your favorite print location or, through the power of maps, the app will show you possible print locations that are nearby to your current location. This was so handy to have when we were on vacation with our parents who live in another city. They are not into digital viewing, so we decided to sit down one evening and pick a bunch of photos we took on the beach and sent them to print. The CVS was just around the corner, and as we all departed for home, everyone had the prints they wanted and I did not have to worry about mailing them.

What would be nice is if the app could offer the option to print canvasses of photos. These make for some great wall décor. I would also like to see prints going to Target or Costco, as these are places I frequent often.

The app is extremely easy to use. You simply upload the photos you want to print from the Photo area and for each choose the size you want. The app does the rest.

You can even save favorite print locations and defaults so you don’t have to type in the information every time you go to print.

1 Hour Photo has made the task of ordering print so easy, because it’s right there at your fingertips. There is no website to visit, login credentials to remember, nothing. Open the app, upload your photos and send them on their way. All you have to do is wait an hour and then go pick them up. Simple.

Jewellust Adventure – Match 3 Game with an Exotic Twist

Love your match games? The way the colors slide across the screen just after you locate and tap out a row of matching items? There are tons of games out there that bring that very thrill, but the creators at Smartpix Games have brought us an even more interesting take on this game.

Set in ancient Egypt, amidst colorful jewels, this game, available on both the Android and iOS platforms, transports you for a quick fix or a long journey, into history. You get your gaming fix with the fun match exercise, while immersing yourself in Egyptian magnificence.

With sharp graphics and smooth animations, the game pulls you in and is easy to play. All you have to do is slide gems to align with other that match. You have to line up a minimum of three for them to dissolve and disappear, giving you points.

To start, the game gives you a brief background of the game and your mission. You need to stack up coins by moving gems together and getting them off the board. Every so often, you will see bonus gems that give you a boost in points. Earn enough points and you will be able to purchase power boosting tools to really smash the gems.

As you win each game, you are transported to another which offers up new challenges, like collecting certain types of gems or collecting within a certain amount of time. Coins and points are collected to give you increased chances to win even more.

What is very important to remember is that each game has its limitations. The biggest one is the number of moves you get to achieve a win. And of course, as you advance in games, the number of moves you make decreases. Plus, you have different modes of destruction to accomplish. At about the fifth game, you have to blast blocks to smithereens by blasting gems around them, and again, you have so many moves to do so. You have to look carefully at the screen and move wisely.

What is really fun and maybe lends to more addiction is even after you’ve accomplished the goal of the current screen, you get all these bonus gems popping up and exploding to expose even more points. It took me a while to get to a point where I got enough points to purchase some have extra gem smashing power.

Round six was the toughest for me to master. It took me about 6 goes to get it right, but once I did, I collected my coins and was on my way to the next temple.

Each game was fun to play in Jewellust Adventure because the layouts were different and you were always aiming to destroy something new.

If there is anything I would change in Jewellust Adventure, it would be to brush up on the English, because it was not grammatically correct at times.

A minor inconvenience for a game that was a lot of fun to play and is perfect for players of any age.

ATracker keeps You on Track

We all have a daily schedule. We wake up, do our morning workout or routine, go to work, or go about our daily responsibilities. How many of us actually get them done on time though? I surely need help keeping my life on track. Lucky for me, I have the ATracker app, so I no longer have to worry!

Its adaptability is probably the most impressive. You can set all your tasks in the app, make a time for them, and set it to keep you on track! There are so many ways to do this, but a few options are your daily routine activities at work; you no longer have to cut your lunch break short because you were late!

For the school types, like myself, this app will keep your routine tasks on time while studying, for instance. English shouldn’t take more time than biology, and this app makes sure of that! You can set time to spend on different consulting projects for billing if you are the professional type, and need to keep your business logging on track.

Now, we all need down time. Free to do what we want, catch up on the day before sleep hits us, so this app has some free time built in. Set free time activities as one of your tasks and it will remind you, and keep you on time so that nap doesn’t turn into hibernation.

If you are the one keeping the household together, making sure the laundry is done, dishes are washed, and dinner is made, than this app will become your lifeline. Manage your household and homemaking tasks all in one place. Now, you don’t have to rush on the living room because the bathroom took forever.


Kids take most of our time, but they need some structure. Set them up with this app and manage their activities too. They can learn the importance of scheduling at a young age, and stay out of your hair when it’s ‘me’ time!

If you have a hobby or a fun home project, then you can set activities for that as well! An hour to paint, read, or write can really help calm you throughout the day. Today we get caught up in the responsibilities and tasks, and need to relax.

The old days of paper planning are over, this app has so many features, you will forget you ever even used to do that!

ATracker has one tap time tracking, and start and stop time tracking with just one tap. This is so easy to set up, and it is fully customizable—no one’s app will look like yours! All you need to set your tasks is a name for them, and you can choose from hundreds of icons and color to code it or organize it how you want.

This makes it much easier and more pleasant to work with. You can even change the whole color theme, and background image with the font size and much more!