A Certain Beauty in Un-resolution… Visual Thoughts Wonders Without Words

Have you heard of Richard McLean? He’s an amazing author, artist and creative mind who channels his experiences studying psychology, delving deep into his personal experiences to share epiphanies and enlightenment with others through art.

Richard has taken his collections of art and presented them in an iBook called “A Certain Beauty in Un-resolution…art;

For just $11.99, you can own a digital copy of this book and access it on any of your iOS devices using your iBook account. Easy to download, it works just as any other book would in iBooks. You can jump to particular pages, or just swipe your way through, back and forth. What’s really nice is if you want to bookmark particular pages of interest or pages you really like and wish to share later, you can do that.

The collection that Richard has compiled in this book ranges from urban landscapes to simple stills common in everyday life. Consumers of this book and those who are knowledgeable of Richard McLean will notice how he has organized the sequence of his art to match how he worked through and incorporated evolving ideas for his PhD dissertation.

A Certain Beauty in Un-resolution

This latest version of the iBook has additional pieces added to the book and has improved on the resolution, making the enjoyment and viewing of each page clearer and more engaging. Each piece tells a story and they all come together to create a sense of what it means to be a human. What do we go through. What do we sense and how to we cope with what is around us.

Every page fills one’s mind with questions and ideas that help us make sense of some things and may even help us question others, so that we can improve in areas that may not be 100%. Every reader will get something different when immersing themselves in this book. That is the point of art. Art says different things to different people, and this book is Richard’s way of sharing his thoughts and feelings so we can create our own ideas.

There really is no trick to using this book in iBooks. You can swipe your way through it however which way you wish.

What would be nice is to upload and send a page to a friend to share it. It could be something inspiring. It could be something uplifting. It could be just about anything.

I would highly recommend downloading this iBook if you are big fan of art that is simple, yet speaks loudly.